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Meet the Team


Tom Vatter

President and Co-Owner

President and Co–Owner since its inception in 1985, with over 45+ years of experience in the HVAC field. Tom is a State Certified Mechanical Contractor Licensee, EPA certified. As the P.R. representative for Kool Breeze, Tom is active in local Chambers and various other community organizations. Tom not only runs the daily operations of Kool Breeze but is the face for Kool Breeze and keeps a pulse on the how, when, where and the why’s of issues that impact Navarre as a whole.


Randy Bencivenga

Vice–President and Co–Owner

Vice–President and Co–Owner of Kool Breeze since its inception in 1985, with over 45+ years of experience in the HVAC field. Randy is a State Certified Mechanical Contractor Licensee, EPA certified, IQ Drive Certified and the business organization qualifier for Kool Breeze of Northwest FL., Inc., and is the Contractor of record on the city, town and county building licenses and the DBPR. Randy is also member of our local chapter of the Building Industry Association.


Jeff Vuurman

Operations Manager

Operations Manager with Kool Breeze for 22+ years, 4 years as a service tech, over 40+ years’ experience combined retired military with Mechanical/HVAC. 5 Years as an Instructor for HVAC troubleshooting at the U.S. Army Center & School. EPA certified with numerous certifications and continuing education classes for all the latest technological advancements in the HVAC Industry, including IQ Drive Certified.


Sabrena Kelchak


Sales/Estimator with Kool Breeze for over 3 years. She has earned an ACCA Manual D Duct Design Certification, ACCA Manual J for Residential Load Certification, and Right Suite certification. In addition, Sabrena has over 16 years of experience in business and information technology.

Staff Member

Jay Kelchak


Jay has earned a BS degree in both microbiology and molecular biology. He had worked previously with FDLE for 15 years. In his spare time, he spends time with his family and loves to fish.


Mike Parrott

Master Installer

Master Installer with Kool Breeze for over 29 years. Mike is an Icon at Kool Breeze, the epitome of a seasoned A/C man. With over 36 years in the HVAC industry, he is without rival the best Duct man around!


Philip Evans

Lead Installer

Has returned to Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. where he did service, installation, and ductwork 20 years ago. He has his EPA certification. Philip has lived in Navarre all of his life and enjoys hunting and fishing and his family.

Staff Member

Doug Simpson


Doug joined Kool Breeze in 2016, and has over 20 year experience in the HVAC industry.  Doug is EPA Certified, OSHA certified and Mitsubishi M & P Series certified technician.


Steve McGuire


Installer with Kool Breeze for 7 years, with over 25 years’ experience in HVAC industry. Holds Mitsubishi service course certificate, Mitsubishi M & P Series certified technician, Aerial platform work certificate, EPA certified, ACCA Manual J Residential Load Calculation certification and ACCA Refrigerant Transportation and Recovery certificate.


Randall Smith


Grew up in Gulf Breeze. He loves water sports and fishing. Randall’s life revolves around his son. He previously worked off–shore and has just joined Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.. He is preparing to get his EPA certification.


Conner Chalk


Is eager to learn the air conditioning trade. He has lived in this area his whole life. Before coming to Kool Breeze, Conner worked in beach retail. He enjoys fishing in his time off.

Staff Member

Jacob Coleman


Jacob joined Kool Breeze in 2018. He likes to hunt and fish in his time off.

Staff Member

Jordan Simpson


Jordan has over eight years of experience in the HVAC field. He enjoys hunting and fishing in his time off.


Michael Hagaman

Rough–In Installer

Joined Kool Breeze in 2018 and has lived in Navarre his whole life. Michael is currently working on his GED and hopes to go to Locklin Tech for Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heating so that he can become a service technician. He enjoys working out in his spare time.


Chris Shultz

Installer/Duct Installer

Installer/Duct Installer joined Kool Breeze in March 2017. He has 15 years experience in the HVAC industry. Chris is EPA certified.


Jorel Fountain

Duct Installer

Duct Installer has joined Kool Breeze in 2016 and has proven to be a great asset to our Kool Breeze team.


Sylvester Joiner

Duct Installer

Duct Installer joined Kool Breeze in 2016. He has experience as a sheet metal fabricator. He is currently enrolled into the "Northwest Florida HVAC Contractors Apprenticeship" program, which is allowing him to grow expertise in the HVAC field. In addition, Sylvester has years of experience in commercial HVAC applications.


Aubrey Smith

Service Technician

Service Technician with Kool Breeze for over 3 years. Aubrey is EPA Certified, Mitsubishi M & P Series certified technician, certified in Rheem’s converter driven equipment, Trane’s Variable Speed certified and etc.


Adam Bryan

Service Technician

Service Technician with Kool Breeze for over 7 years and over 13 years of experience in the HVAC industry. Adam is IQ Drive certified, Trane Variable Speed certified, Mitsubishi M & P Series certified technician, EPA universal certified, and certified in Rheem’s converter driven equipment. In 2003, Adam graduated with a HVAC certification.

Staff Member

Jeff Kimball

Service Technician

Jeff has been in the HVAC industry for 11 years.  He previously worked in Maine with oil heating then moved to Louisiana to work with heat pumps.  He is EPA certified.


Jason Miller

Service Technician

Service Technician just recently moved from upstate New York/Connecticut area. Jason has earned a degree in AOS and HVAC AC Services and EPA and gas certificates. His interests are Marvel movies, bike riding, sports and attending church. He is anxious to try his hand at flying kites in the strong winds on the beach.

Staff Member

Greg Gellinger

Service Technician

Greg has been in the air conditioning field 2 years and is EPA certified. Greg enjoys spending time doing anything outside such as working on his house, fishing or going to the park with his two children.

Staff Member

Andrew McComas


Andrew has been in the construction field for several years and is ready to learn the HVAC trade.   Andrew has his own flooring company so in his spare time he does all types of tile work.  He also enjoys carpentry and automobile repair.  He tries to fit in some hunting and fishing whenever he can.


Heather Calabro

Receptionist and Service Dispatcher

She is a dedicated and caring person who strives to make every situation a positive one. She currently is a foster parent through Sunshine State Animal Rescue. Heather has over 10 years of customer service experience. She graduated from Navarre High and is currently enrolled at NWFSC.


Vivian Fick

Office Manager Extraordinaire

Office Manager Extraordinaire with Kool Breeze for over 17 years, she has a diploma in Office Business and is Kool Breeze’s first contact with customers. Vivian is also an essential part of the day—to—day operations of Kool Breeze; she is the "GO TO" gal and does most of the billing and dispatch. She keeps the business end of the office filed and straight. She is personal secretary to everyone. Vivian holds a "Notary of the Public" license.