What’s the Ideal Humidity for a Comfortable Home?

March 20th, 2023

As springtime arrives and summer gets closer and closer, folks in Florida expect to be relying on their air conditioners again pretty soon. And keeping your home at a reasonable temperature is definitely important. But did you know that there’s something else that might affect your home comfort just as much? High humidity in your home is a significant issue in Florida. There’s a specific level of humidity that people are most comfortable at, and we’d like to help you get your home to that level to make it as comfortable as possible.

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How UV Air Purifiers Help Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

March 6th, 2023

As springtime approaches, you might be delighted by the gorgeous weather. But keep in mind, it won’t be long until you’re in the middle of another hot, humid summer. Yes, your air conditioner will keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

But the more time you spend indoors, the more you’re breathing your indoor air. How is the indoor air quality in your home? Would you like to find out how it could be better and what the benefits are? If so, keep reading to learn why your indoor air quality (IAQ) is so important.

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How to Know When Your Heat Pump Needs to Be Replaced

February 20th, 2023

A heat pump is an excellent choice for cooling a home in the heat of Florida. If you have one, you’ve probably been very happy with it. But as the coolest part of the year passes, it’s time to evaluate whether your heat pump is up for another summer’s hard work. We’ll go over the signs that it’s time to consider replacing your heat pump. If you do need a new one, you can get the installation done before the summer hits.

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3 Most Common Heating Repairs in the Panhandle

February 6th, 2023

In our area, the air conditioners get a lot more time on the job than the heaters do. However, it is critical to have heaters that work well during the winter, because overnight lows that are usually in the forties are very unpleasant without heat. Because of our weather, the calls we get about heating trouble can be a little different from those fielded by heating professionals in the snowy, northern part of the US. 

Here’s some information about the heating concerns we have to address most often in Florida and what they might look like if they happen to you. 

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Telltale Signs That You Need Furnace Repair ASAP

January 23rd, 2023

Imagine a person running. If their shoelace comes untied, that might seem like a very minor problem. However, if they don’t stop to tie it, they may trip and fall. Now, a problem that would’ve only required a quick fix has turned into a disaster.

Even when they’re maintained every year, furnaces can develop problems that require repair. It’s important to have those repairs done promptly. You don’t want a loose screw, wobbling fan blade, or slightly cracked belt to cause a major problem by damaging other components in the system. How do you know that it’s time to get furnace repair? We’ll give you a rundown of the signs—some obvious and some subtle—that you shouldn’t ignore.

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3 Common Heat Pump Problems (and Fixes)

January 9th, 2023

Chances are, if you have a heat pump, you’ve been very happy overall with the efficiency of the system. Heat pumps are great! And as long as you make sure to get regular maintenance done, it’s likely to keep working smoothly, with only occasional problems that require repair.

When you do have an issue, you’ll need to promptly call a technician to resolve it. The repair will be easier and the problem will be solved faster if you catch it early. Here are some of the most common issues we see with heat pumps. If you notice any of these things happening, you need prompt heat pump repair in Fort Walton Beach, FL

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3 Huge Benefits of Commercial Humidifiers for Your Business

December 26th, 2022

In our indoor commercial spaces, the air is highly processed. In the summer, air conditioners run constantly. In the winter, the air is continually heated. These processes can cause the air in your commercial building to be very dry. What risks are posed by very dry indoor air, and how can commercial humidifiers decrease those risks and improve your air quality? We’re so happy you asked.

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Duct Sealing Can Save You Money for Decades—Here’s How

December 12th, 2022

If your home has ductwork, you may have found it somewhat mysterious. How do you know how things are going in there? What if there’s a problem? Can it be fixed with duct tape? Knowledge is power, and we’re going to arm you with some. Let’s go over the signs that indicate you may have duct leaks, the risks of leaky ducts, and the benefits of having your ducts professionally sealed. 

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Why Did My Thermostat Suddenly Stop Working?

November 28th, 2022

If you notice that you’re unexpectedly chilly in your home, your first port of call is almost definitely your thermostat. And if you try to raise the temperature by adjusting your thermostat and don’t hear your furnace kick on, you’ll be understandably concerned. Is the furnace broken? Or is it just a problem with the thermostat?

Either could be the case, but there are several things you can do to check for minor, fixable issues yourself. We’ll walk you through what you can do on your own to address thermostat problems, and help you recognize when it’s time to reach out to a professional in thermostat repair in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

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5 Electric Furnace Troubleshooting Tips

November 14th, 2022

An electric furnace is an efficient, reliable way to keep cozy in the winter. Chances are, if you have an electric furnace, you’ve been happy with it and had few problems. With regular maintenance, an electric furnace can even keep you warm for twenty years! However, if you do encounter a problem, it may be confusing or frustrating. Perhaps you’ve previously had a gas boiler, and are used to doing things like checking the pilot light. But how do you troubleshoot problems with an electric furnace?

We’re going to talk you through five common symptoms your electric furnace might experience, and give you some idea of what might be causing those problems. 

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