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Navarre, FL Blower Door Testing

Poor home performance is a trouble with many houses, both old and new, in Navarre, FL and the surrounding areas. A home with numerous air leaks is not only an uncomfortable home, it’s also one that wastes energy and has poor indoor air quality.

You may be suspicious that your home suffers from air leaks—but the way to find out the extent of the problem and what you can do about it is to schedule blower door testing with Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. Our technicians are trained and certified for this job, and they use only the best equipment. We have served Northwest Florida since 1986 and offer the best in 24-hour emergency services for heating, cooling, and ventilation.

Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc provides blower door testing in Navarre, FL and the surrounding areas.

What Is a Blower Door?

This is the big question, since people may have heard about blower doors and even seen one, but not know for certain what these devices actually do.

A blower door is a tool that technicians use to diagnose the airtightness of a building—how well the building is sealed from the outdoor air. It resembles a plastic door with a large fan built into the bottom half. To run a blower door test, the technicians fit the door into an open doorway of the house. Once all other doors and windows in the house are closed and the home is as sealed off as it can be, the blower door changes the air pressure in the house by using the fan to draw out the air inside it. When the house is depressurized, air from outside will push to seep inside through any available crack or opening. It takes 2–4 hours to complete the test, which yields measurements about pressure changes and air replacements in the house.

What You Can Learn From a Blower Door Test

The test is finished—now what can the results tell you? The blower door tester can run you through the results, which include some difficult technical data (ACH at 50, which means "air changes per hour at 50 pascals" and CFM at 50, which means "cubic feet per minute of air at 50 pascals"). Although you probably won’t understand the raw data, the energy auditor can explain if these numbers point to large air leaks in the house. Our technicians have the training and credentials to provide you with accurate information and help you understand what this information means for boosting home performance. You will have a good idea of the improvements you need to make for better house insulation, airtightness, and energy efficiency.

Schedule Blower Door Testing in Navarre, FL

Establishing the airtightness of your house is an essential part of an energy audit. It offers a way forward to correct moisture condensation problems, energy loss due to air leaks, uncomfortable indoor drafts, and raise general indoor air quality. When you schedule blower door testing with Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc, you can feel confident you’ll have the best results and an easy to understand interpretation of those results. We are locally-owned and operated and have been since we started in business 34 years ago, and we are also EPA-certified.

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