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Zone Control System in Navarre, FL by Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc

How Does a Zone Control System Work?

A zone control system involves the installation of electronically controlled dampers that control the flow of air throughout your ductwork. Your home is thus divided into zones, each of which can be separately controlled. Some modification to the indoor air handler and thermostat is also involved. You may even have multiple thermostats placed throughout the home. Because this work involves opening up the ductwork to insert the dampers, it’s imperative that a professional take care of the job. Mishandling your ductwork is a sure–fire way to botch the entire job as well as the performance of your heating and cooling system.

Benefits of Zone Heating and Cooling

The chief purpose of zone heating and cooling is the ability to control different areas of the home separately. Gone are the days of having to heat or cool your kitchen to the same temperature as your bedroom upstairs, and vice–versa. There are several major benefits to a zone control system in your Navarre, FL home. Chief among them is reduced energy consumption. This can significantly reduce your energy bills, particularly during the dog days of summer. Moreover, it adds much–needed versatility to the performance of your heating and cooling system. Zone heating and cooling tends to dissolve all too common family arguments about temperature. In the long–term, it reduces the amount of wear and tear that you HVAC system has to endure. A professionally installed and serviced zone control system makes for an excellent HVAC upgrade.

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Many variables are involved with dealing with zone control systems – let us find a solution that works best for you. We can provide everything you need to ensure that your zone control system services are completed correctly.

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