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Signs You May Need Professional Duct Repair


When a central air conditioning or heating system is working perfectly, you hardly think about how it functions. Of course, problems can quietly develop until your HVAC unit starts acting strange. And sometimes the culprit may very well be your ductwork.

When you notice any problem with your HVAC system, proactively calling a professional repair service can protect it from further damage. But how do you know if it’s time to call the experts? Here are 5 signs you may need professional duct repair.

Uneven Cooling Or Heating

Uneven cooling and heating happen when your HVAC unit can’t evenly distribute air. You may notice some rooms are warmer than others or find “cold spots”  throughout the house. Leaks in the ductwork are one of the most common reasons behind this.

Leaking ducts will lose some of the conditioned air pushed through them because they’re no longer insulated. This can result in your HVAC unit having to work harder to compensate, which can strain it unnecessarily. If it can’t make up the difference, then there simply won’t be an even distribution of cold air.

Strange Noises

Loud noises in the ductwork can be a sign of damage or a warning that damage is likely. Regardless, the air ducts are a delicate part of your heating or cooling system. Noises like rattling and shaking mean that the ductwork is being strained in a way it wasn’t designed to handle.

One cause may be clogged air filters. When they clog, they can create a buildup of air pressure, which can lead to rumbling sounds. Fortunately, this is easily resolvable and preventable by changing your air filters on your own every 1-3 months (depending on the type of air filters you have and the level of contaminants in your home).

If changing your air filters doesn’t resolve the issue, then it is time to give us a call!

Foul Odors

Does the air coming out of the vents suddenly have a strange smell to it? There may be a buildup of mold or mildew in the ductwork. This is usually the result of moisture entering through the vents, which can settle and make the inside damp. 

Moisture entering the vents is more likely in places that get really humid like Florida. Older plumbing can sometimes leak moisture into the walls, a problem for nearby ductwork. Either way, it will need a professional to clean out anything causing the odor.

Excess Dust

Dust is another thing that can creep into the ductwork. When dust builds up in the ducts, it can clog the air filter and compound issues. The best way to protect your HVAC unit is to schedule regular maintenance to keep the ductwork clean.

Unusually High Utility Bills

Even if none of these signs are present, you may notice an unusual spike in your electric bill at the end of the month. Your heating or cooling unit may be at fault. 

Damaged ductwork forces the rest of the system to overcompensate, drawing more power than it would normally need. Avoid unnecessary expenses by getting a professional to investigate the ductwork.

If you notice any of these signs in your ductwork, it’s time to call an HVAC repair service.

Contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. for professional duct repair in Navarre.

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