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My Heat Pump’s Outdoor Unit Is Very Noisy: Is This Normal?

During the mild winters in Florida, a heat pump is one of the best ways to enjoy the right level of indoor warmth without consuming too much electrical power. Compared to an electric furnace, a heat pump can be a huge money-saver.

If you’re currently running your heat pump in heating mode, you might notice odd sounds coming from the outdoor unit. Is it something you need to worry about, and is it a reason to call HVAC repair professionals?

The Defrost Cycle

If your heat pump is still ably handling its job of supplying you with a comfortable indoor temperatures in heating mode, than there probably isn’t anything wrong with the unit. The sound that you’re hearing outside is likely the defrost mode turning on. You aren’t used to hearing this sound because the heat pump does not need to switch into this mode during the summer when it’s cooling the house. But when it’s heating your home, it will periodically need to remove frost that can develop along the outdoor coil (this is a natural part of how it draws heat from the air), and will turn on its defrost controls.

However, if you hear strange noises from the outdoor unit and you’re losing heating performance indoors, then something may be wrong, such as a failing compressor. Call for repair experts to look into it right away.

About those “silly” questions…

Here’s something you to keep in mind when you’re wondering about the performance of your heat pump (or furnace, or air conditioner, or any other comfort system in your home): There’s no such thing as a “silly” question! Never feel embarrassed about asking your technician for an opinion or assistance. What might seem like a silly question to you could reveal a great deal to professionals and help them zero in on a serious problem, or it may assist them in guiding you on ways to better care for your HVAC system.

Questions about your heating or cooling—of any kind? Just call on Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. We serve Gulf Breeze, FL and the surrounding areas.

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