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How a UV Air Purifier Helps You Enjoy Healthier Air Quality

At Kool Breeze, we offer many solutions for poor indoor quality in homes, including air filters, electronic air purifiers, energy recovery ventilators and humidifiers/dehumidifiers. One of the most power air purification devices that we install are UV air purifiers. These purifiers target the most unpleasant of all intruders into a house’s air: bacteria, viruses, mold spores and other unhealthy organic pollutants.

The power of ultraviolet light

The operation of UV air purifiers is actually quite simple. They consist of lamps that send out high-frequency ultraviolet light. UV radiation is harmful to organic matter, as you probably know from warnings about putting on sunblock when you are in direct sunlight. However, the ultraviolet light combing from these lamps is not at a level where it is hazardous to humans. It is, however, very hazardous to microbacteria and the other organic pollutants that might be moving through your HVAC system and into your living spaces.

UV radiation disrupts the cellular material of these pollutants, stripping away the nuclei of their cells and either destroying them or rendering them unable to reproduce and therefore making them inert. This is the same power that hospitals use to treat numerous illnesses. (Indeed, the doctor who discovered the power of UV radiation to treat tuberculosis won the Nobel Prize for Medicine.) Not only are UV air purifiers extremely effective at destroying organic air pollutants, but they do their job without placing any harmful chemicals into the air.

You do need to rely on professionals to install UV air purifiers in your home. The lights must be integrated into the HVAC system so they can target the largest number of pollutants. An IAQ specialist will find how best to outfit your home with this powerful protection from viruses, germs, bacteria, mold spores and other contaminants that can make everyone in your household sick.

Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. offers installation and other services for UV air purifiers in Fort Walton Beach, FL.


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