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Why Go from Gas Heating to a Heat Pump (Plus a $400 Incentive!)

If you’ve ever thought about making the switch from using a gas-powered heating system like a furnace to instead using a versatile heat pump, the time to act is now! Currently, Gulf Power is offering a $400 incentive for customers who convert from a gas system to a heat pump. The conversion must be completed before December 31, 2015. You can call our installation technicians for more details about how to qualify for this offer—as well as to talk about the all-important installation arrangements.

Now, aside from the attractive offer from Gulf Power, why should you consider going from a gas furnace to an electrically powered heat pump?

  • It can save you money: You may at first think that using electricity is pricier than using natural gas for heating. You’re correct if you’re thinking of an electrical furnace. Those heaters use electrical resistance to heat up the air, and they cost more to run than a gas furnace. But a heat pump doesn’t use electrical resistance heating. The electrical power runs the components that move heat from on spot to another—and this takes up much less power. You should save money by making the switch from gas to a heat pump.
  • You have cooling taken care of as well: A heat pump works in two modes, heating and cooling. The air conditioning of a heat pump is as powerful as that in a standard air conditioner. You’re not just replacing your old heater, you’re also replacing your old AC. One and done!
  • It’s safer: Are you concerned about carbon monoxide in your home, or dangers from combustion? Then perhaps it’s time to go electrical. A heat pump is an immensely safe device. Its cabinet doesn’t even get hot when it works.

Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. can help you with making the change from a furnace to a heat pump in Destin, FL. Call today for complete details.

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