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Help! I See Water Leaking from My AC

help-water-from-acWhen you see water present in your home with no known source, it’s natural that you’d want to call a plumber for repairs. However, the problem might actually be your air conditioner, not your plumbing system. Cooling systems can leak water, but not from any part of the plumbing that snakes its way through your home—rather, it’s from condensation that has built up within your AC system and might, if drainage isn’t property set up, find a way to spill over and into your home.

Depending on where with your home that the indoor component of your AC is located, a leak of this kind can be devastating. So what should you do if you do notice an air conditioner leak? Keep reading to learn more about this particular issue, and be sure to give our team a call when you find yourself in need of Ft. Walton Beach, FL ac repairs.

Where the Water Comes From

Water leaks occur within an air conditioning system when condensate isn’t draining as it should. You’ve seen condensation build up before—it’s what happens when you have a glass of ice water out on a warm day. Small water droplets collect on the AC unit’s evaporator coil due to the humidity in the air that condenses as is passes over the cool coil.

This process that your air conditioner goes through is absolutely normal—and therefore, it’s designed to get rid of the condensation that would leak into a home otherwise. A condensate drip tray rests below the coils, and it’s set at an angle with a drainage hole at the bottom. This hole leads to a pipe that should allow water to drain outside of your home.

Why Would My Condensate System Leak?

If water isn’t draining away as it should, there could be a variety of problems with the condensate system, including:

  • The condensate drain might be clogged, which forces water to overflow from the drip tray.
  • The drip tray is damaged or knocked out of alignment.
  • Your condensate system isn’t enough to handle your home’s high level of humidity—in which case you likely need a condensate pump.
  • There is ice forming on your evaporator coil, and thawing too quickly—which is a problem that also has a number of possible sources.

What’s My Next Step When I Notice an AC Leak?

The first thing you should do when you notice water leaking from your cooling system is shut it off, to prevent the major damage it could do to your home. Next, you should call in our professional trained and highly experienced HVAC technicians to take a look.

While it is sometimes possible to clear out a clogged condensate drain for yourself, our professionals will be able to determine if there is another cause to your leak, or even there’s an issue with the condensate drain that could just cause another clog shortly.

As you wait for the professionals to arise, try to clean up the water as best you can. Doing so could help prevent the development of mold and mildew that can occur when excess water is allowed to rest in place for too long.

If you’re concerned about the performance of your air conditioner or have any HVAC questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.!

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