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Is Your Air Conditioner’s Capacitors Giving You Trouble?

Now is typically the time that we get a good amount of service calls regarding AC system breakdowns and repairs. By this time, summer has kept temperatures high for several months, putting your system through a good amount of wear and tear.

Over time, individual components of your air conditioning system are prone to cracks and other damage due to the continuous stress and strain. One set of components in particular that you should be worried about are the capacitors, essential for the AC system to function at all. Diagnosing problems with your AC capacitor is something that should be left to the professionals, however we’ve shared below some of the signs that you may be able to spot fairly easily.

The Function of Capacitors

Your system’s capacitors provide an electrical charge to power up key components in the cooling system, such as the fan motors and the compressor. Your fan motors move hot air out of the system and/or blows cool air into your ducts, while the compressor shifts refrigerant from gaseous to liquid form, allowing it to pull heat from nearby air.

There are two basic kinds of capacitors: the start capacitor and the run capacitor. The start capacitor provides a charge to get the electrical components going when you turn on your air conditioner, while the run capacitor provides a lower charge to keep the components running while the system is on.

Signs of Trouble

You should never try to fix a faulty capacitor on your own, as it requires specific skills and training to be done successfully. This type of work can be dangerous if you don’t know the proper procedures to follow. However, there are signs you can watch for that signal it’s time to call for repairs, including:

  • A lack of cool air
  • Low air flow
  • Short Cycling: the air conditioner turns on and off rapidly without adequately cooling the home

If you should notice any of the above signs or have any other cause for concern regarding your air conditioner, then it’s time to give our experienced team a call.

For air conditioning repairs in Destin, FL, contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today!

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