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Possible Problems with Air Conditioning Fans

The weather finally seems to be cooling off for the time being. This makes now the perfect time to address any potential repair needs you might have had crop up over the past few months. One type of service call we occasionally receive is in regards to an air conditioning fan that won’t stop running, seems to be making more noise than it should, or is experiencing some other type of problem.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important that you call in a professional HVAC repair technician to prevent further damage from occurring. In the meantime, keep reading to learn the signs of fan problems and what they might mean.

Signs of a Malfunctioning Fan

When fans are failing or when something is amiss with them, they may begin to make a good amount of noise. Listen for a clunking sound—the sign of a loose or bent fan blade hitting or banging the inside of your outdoor unit, or a screeching sound—an indication of a worn-out fan belt.

Noises are not the only sign of a failing fan. You may notice a decrease in air flow coming into your property, or even warm air blowing into the property. Ice on your system is another sign that you have a problem with the fan.

What’s Wrong With My AC?

Often, the problem you’re experiencing isn’t with the fan itself, but rather the fan motor. This motor is what turns the fan’s blades. If the motor is faulty, then the fan cannot operate as it should. Fan motors are electric and can fail due to burn out, overheating, or electrical problems with the wiring. Over the years, wires can become frayed, loose, or disconnected, which can all cause the motor to run unevenly or not at all.

The fan blades are worth mentioning as well. These blades are metal and can bend or break, or they may even become loose from everyday operation. If you have a bent fan blade, then it can hit other components within the AC system, possibly causing further damage. Depending on what kind of shape the fan blades are in, they may need to be replaced rather than repaired.

For professional air conditioning repairs in Navarre Beach, FL, contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today. 

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