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When AC Repairs Aren’t Enough

outside unit of an air conditionerWith our weather finally giving us some cooler temps, our air conditioners have gotten a bit of a break. That means that right now is the perfect time to look at the condition of yours, and consider whether Santa Rosa Beach, FL air conditioning repair services may be in order, or perhaps even a replacement. All household air conditioners have limited lifespans, no matter how well taken care of they are. And as your air conditioner approaches the end of that lifespan, it’s efficiency will drop.

We want to help you make an educated decision about the state of your air conditioner and whether you can get by with another repair, or if system replacement is inevitable. Doing so now, before you need your air conditioner on a daily basis, will allow you to arrange for a convenient replacement, prevent an emergency loss of cooling, and start saving money with a fresh system with superior energy efficiency.

Signs It Is Time to Replace Your AC

For an educated opinion about whether or not your air conditioner can be repaired again or requires replacement, you can contact our team. In the meantime, we’re happy to share with you below some outwardly signs that the time has come for a new system.

Old Age: As we mentioned above, no air conditioning system lasts forever. But in general, most systems (when properly maintained and repaired as needed) last around 10-15 years. Any system that’s over 15 years old is definitely a candidate for replacement, even if you think it’s operating “well enough.”

Noisy Operation: One of the goals with the manufacturing of cooling systems is to design these systems to function as quietly as possible. So, if you begin to notice noise coming from the system, it means something is amiss.

If it’s just one noise that you’ve suddenly started hearing, then it may be something that just warrants a small repair or component replacement. However, if you notice general grinding and clanging, paired with old age, it means your system is wearing down and it’s nearly time to replace it, before it shuts down completely.

High Energy Bills: You’re probably wondering, “high energy bills? My energy bills are always high!” What we mean though, is that you should watch out for utility bills that are higher than they should be. If your cooling practices are comparable to last year and comparable to your neighbors use, there should be no reason for a sudden increase in your bills. Be sure to contact a pro to inspect your HVAC systems if you do notice this, as HVAC use accounts for over half of all your energy usage!

Frequent, Costly Repairs: Your air conditioner is going to need occasional repairs over the years. There is no escaping this fact. But the problem comes when you find you have to schedule cooling system repairs every few months.

At this point, it becomes more economically feasible to replace the system than it does to repair it, again. The general rule of thumb is that if your next repair is going to costs over half of what a new system replacement would be, it’s a smarter choice to have the system replaced.

For quick and reliable air conditioning services, reach out to Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today!

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