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3 Huge Benefits of Commercial Humidifiers for Your Business


In our indoor commercial spaces, the air is highly processed. In the summer, air conditioners run constantly. In the winter, the air is continually heated. These processes can cause the air in your commercial building to be very dry. What risks are posed by very dry indoor air, and how can commercial humidifiers decrease those risks and improve your air quality? We’re so happy you asked.

1. Human Health and Comfort

The most obvious downside of very low humidity has to do with the health and comfort of the people living in, working in, or spending time at your commercial property. When indoor air is very dry, it can cause issues such as dry eyes, dry skin, chapped or cracked lips, brittle fingernails, and brittle, staticky hair. It’s also irritating to the respiratory system, contributing to common colds, lung issues, or nosebleeds. 

You definitely don’t want people to be uncomfortable in your commercial property. You want them to be at ease there, so they’ll work productively or spend more time at your business, potentially spending more money in the process. You want them to enjoy their time in your building so they’ll be more likely to come back. 

Having a commercial-grade humidifier added to your existing HVAC system can ease all these problems and improve the comfort, health, and well-being of everyone in your building. 

2. Structural Soundness

You know how unpleasant it is to have dry skin, brittle nails, and chapped lips. Now imagine that same sort of problem affecting the wood in your building. Wood is made of organic matter and when it gets too dry, it sustains damage.

Wood furniture finishes can crack and peel like sunburned skin. The wooden fibers of your furniture can pull apart from each other, leaving cracks and breaks similar to what you’d see in an old, weatherbeaten picnic table. And the furniture is the least of your problems here because it’s almost certain that some of the structural parts of your building are also made of wood which are not as easy to replace as furniture. Low humidity can also cause peeling paint and wallpaper.

Using a commercial humidifier in Pensacola Beach, FL to regulate the humidity level of your building’s air will protect your building and the things in it from these damaging effects.

3. Utility Bill Reduction

Did you know that the amount of heat that air can hold is dependent upon the amount of moisture in the air? In very dry air, heat dissipates quickly. With an adequate moisture content, which can be provided by a commercial humidifier, air retains more heat. This means you won’t have to use your heating system as much, which can result in major energy savings when it’s time to pay your utility bills. 

As with any work done on your commercial HVAC system, it’s critical to have your humidifier installed by professionals with training and experience working on commercial systems. Improper installation can cause more problems than it solves, such as damage to your ductwork, so always choose a reliable and knowledgeable team.

For professional installation of commercial humidifiers, look no further than Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.  Contact us today!

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