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Duct Sealing Can Save You Money for Decades—Here’s How


If your home has ductwork, you may have found it somewhat mysterious. How do you know how things are going in there? What if there’s a problem? Can it be fixed with duct tape? Knowledge is power, and we’re going to arm you with some. Let’s go over the signs that indicate you may have duct leaks, the risks of leaky ducts, and the benefits of having your ducts professionally sealed. 

Is There a Leak in My Ductwork?

Perhaps there is exposed ductwork that you can see in your attic or elsewhere, and you already know there are problems such as cracks, tears, or pest damage. But if you can’t see the ducts, what clues might you expect to find if leaks are present?

  • Low Airflow: If the heated or conditioned air coming out of your vents is no longer a strong flow but just a trickle of air, it could be that you’re paying to heat or condition air that’s being lost to unoccupied areas through a leak.
  • Dust: The air coming through your vents should not be accompanied by blasts of dust. A leak can pull dusty air into the ductwork, and it can even be contaminated by things like insulation particles.
  • Noises: Rattling or banging coming from your ductwork can be a sign of leaks interfering with the air pressure inside the ducts.

What Are the Risks of Duct Leaks?

Poor indoor air quality, insufficient heat or cooling, and a need to change your HVAC air filters constantly may seem unpleasant, but they are the least of your problems if you have a duct leak. A bigger problem is wear and tear on your heater and air conditioner from all the dust and contamination, and that can lead to expensive repairs and early replacement being needed.

The biggest problem is the loss of heated and conditioned air, which means a huge loss of money paying bills for home comfort you’re not getting. A significant percentage of HVAC energy bills can come from air lost to leaks—sometimes up to 30% of your bill!

Can I Fix it with Duct Tape?

The short answer here is no. To clarify, your ducts are there to do a very specific job: distributing air of both hot and cold temperatures. Because of this, they fluctuate widely in temperature, and those temperature changes cause them to expand and contract. Duct tape dries out, cracks, and flakes away quickly under these conditions.

How Do Professionals Fix Duct Leaks?

  • When you schedule duct cleaning in Navarre, FL, our team begins with a thorough assessment of your ductwork, to determine where leaks exist and how extensive they are.
  • We will communicate clearly with you so that you understand the situation and can discuss solutions. Then, ducts are sealed with mastic, a professional sealant that does an excellent job of adapting to temperature changes and expansion and contraction.
  • Once sealed, your ducts will completely contain all the air you pay to heat and condition, so that you get to enjoy it all.
  • Your energy bills will go down, and your HVAC systems will function smoothly, allowing you to worry less about having to replace them. 

For professional duct sealing, look no further than Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.  Contact us today!

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