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Why Ductless May Be Your Best Choice for Commercial Air Conditioning

The most common way for commercial buildings to equip themselves for air conditioning is through packaged units, usually located up on the roof. Packaged units combine the evaporator, condenser, and compressor into one cabinet, instead of using the split system that is popular for homes. Packaged units are excellent choices for many businesses, but they are not the only option. Many companies use ductless mini split heat pumps, which are especially popular in restaurants and bars.

If you are looking for a replacement commercial air conditioning in Navarre Beach, FL, or if you are planning new construction or moving to a new building, place ductless AC on your list of options. It may turn out that its many advantages are just what you need for a comfortable work place around the year. Contact the commercial specialists at Kool Breeze to learn if going ductless is one of your best choices for new installation.

Some Reasons That Ductless Mini Splits Are Good Alternatives

  • Heating and cooling: All ductless mini splits are heat pumps, so you will not only have quality cooling for the long hot season in Florida, but you’ll also have the right level of heating for the short, mild winters.
  • Better control over cooling: Ductless mini splits work through a series of individual blowers units mounted in different parts of a business, all of which connect back to the single outdoor unit. You can shut down cooling to parts of the workplace that don’t need it, saving money that a central AC would otherwise waste. Employees can also adjust the temperature in their area to fit their comfort without affecting the rest of the workplace.
  • Less energy loss: Air sent along ductwork loses energy and makes the HVAC system less efficient. Ductless mini splits have higher efficiency and will lower your utility bills.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Ducts collect dust, dirt, and other contaminants over time, and this will end up getting blown into the workplace air, leading to discomfort and health issue. Eliminating ducts means eliminating these threats to your business’ indoor air quality.
  • More space and design freedom: You don’t have to worry about a large network of ducts taking up room in your establishment, which will free up a tremendous amount of space. If you are designing a new building, the lack of ducts means you’ll have greater freedom to create the space that you want.

Ductless is not the ideal choice for all buildings, so bring in experts before you make any commitment. Call Kool Breeze and set up an appointment to explore your options for commercial air conditioning in Navarre Beach, FL. We are now approaching our 30th year in business, and you can count on our extensive experience to deliver you the best possible comfort solutions for your business.

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