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Look to the Ground Beneath Your Feet for Heating and Cooling

No homeowner would turn down an efficient and reliable HVAC system. Considering just how much we rely on our air conditioners in particular, it’s important that they not only be there during the most brutal days of summer, but also that they operate as efficiently as possible. After all, aren’t your cooling bills high enough? Geothermal technology continues to provide homeowners with a long-term, high-efficiency solution for year-round comfort, though it is not nearly as well known as central air units, heat pumps or even ductless mini splits. But with increasing public attention surrounding the environmental side effects of excessive energy consumption, it might be time to see what the ground on your property can do for you.

Geo-Thermal = Heat from the Earth

A geothermal system is also known as a geothermal or ground-source heat pump. While a conventional heat pump uses the refrigerant cycle to dissipate and absorb thermal energy from the ambient air surrounding the outdoor unit, a geothermal system uses an underground “earth loop” containing water or antifreeze to conduct┬áthe same process. This then interfaces with the conventional elements of a heat pump in order to keep your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer.

They Last a Good Long While

For a variety of reasons, geothermal systems tend to last much longer than their air-source counterparts. For one, they don’t suffer the same amount of wear and tear that comes as a result of weathering extreme temperature fluctuations, and the underground components avoid dust, dirt and other debris. A geothermal system is an investment in the future of your home.

They Are Highly Energy Efficient

One of the common grips around here is the fact that it simply costs so much to keep your AC running, particularly during the peak summer months. A geothermal system is one of the most efficient systems out there. If you care about saving money not only during the summer but also during the winter months, then you should seek out further information from a geothermal specialist.

We have several on our team! Contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. now to learn more about your geothermal options in Ft. Walton Beach.

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