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Now Is the Time to Schedule Maintenance for Your Heat Pump

Last month we wrote a post about why your heat pump must have two maintenance visits a year. Most home comfort systems, such as air conditioners and furnaces, only need to have a single maintenance visit annually, either in the spring or the fall, depending on how soon it will need to be in use. Because heat pumps are both heating and cooling systems, they work twice as hard and need tune-ups in the spring and fall so they can make it through the whole year.

Right now is a good time to get that heat pump maintenance taken care of. Below are some reasons why early fall is ideal for scheduling this service:

The heat pump has just gone through the roughest time of the year

Florida weathers are hot and humid, and this places extra stress on a heat pump as it works to keep a home cool. After the long summer months, a heat pump will likely have accumulated a large amount of dust and dirt on it components, possibly even mold along its coil, as well as stress on the motors. You don’t want to wade too deep into the fall (when the weather can still get pretty hot) with an overstressed heat pump.

It’s simpler to find a convenient time for maintenance

Fall is a slower period for HVAC technicians, since they won’t have to deal with as many emergency air conditioning calls, and the cooler weather hasn’t yet arrived. You can take advantage of their more open schedules to arrange for a very convenient time for heat pump maintenance.

You’ll be ready for any shift in the weather

A heat pump is a great way to stay comfortable since it only take one change on the thermostat to switch it from heating mode to cooling mode and vice versa. In the fall, the weather could change abruptly either direction, and you want to make certain that the heat pump is prepared for anything. Maintenance will help give you this assurance.

Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. offers an excellent maintenance program for heat pumps. We’ve served Milton, FL and all of Northwest Florida since 1986.

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