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Heating Question: Is It Time to Replace That Old Furnace?

If the furnace that works to keep your home warm during the short winter seasons in Navarre, FL seems more like a family heirloom than a functional piece of contemporary equipment, then it’s probably long past the time when it should have been placed into retirement and a new furnace put in its place. Unlike wine, furnaces do not get better with age. Although you may think that it’s best to simply let a furnace keep working away until it finally expires, this isn’t a wise course of action, as we discuss below.

Why you should replace that ancient furnace

  • Inefficiency: If you have a furnace that is more than 20 years old, it probably has a low AFUE rating (the rating that measures how thoroughly the furnace burns its fuel source and converts it into heating power). Furnaces this old often have AFUE ratings under 75%, and with wear and tear the actual efficiency may have dipped below 60%. New furnaces often score AFUE ratings of 90% and higher—and that means you could be saving 30% each winter off your heating bills. At that rate, the new furnace will rapidly payback its installation costs.
  • Unreliability: You never want to keep an appliance running until it completely fails. You wouldn’t want your car to have its last permanent breakdown while on the freeway. So why would you want your furnace to sigh its last during one of the coldest days of the year? Get ahead of this problem and have the furnace replaced.
  • Safety concerns: If you have a gas furnace, it becomes a larger safety risk when it ages. Corrosion can set in because of chemical reactions between the exhaust and metal, and this can lead to cracks along the heat exchangers and the escape of carbon monoxide. A newer furnace will give you important peace of mind.

Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. offers furnace replacement and installation services in Navarre, FL.

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