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Should a Heat Pump Be Your Next Home Comfort Installation?

Though it may seem like there is no end in sight to this hot weather, the official start of fall is just one month away. While we still have a considerable amount of time before even thinking about our heating systems, if you’ve been having problems with yours in previous years then you may want to consider your replacement options now.

One of these options is the heat pump—an increasingly popular HVAC system in homes throughout the U.S. We’ve listed a few of the main benefits below to indicate to you why a heat pump should in fact be your next home comfort installation.

Air Conditioning and Heating All in One

Perhaps the biggest advantage of a heat pump system is that it takes care of two comfort issues all in one unit. In fact, heat pumps are ideal for climates with hot summers but mild winters, such as the temperatures we experience in the sunshine state. Therefore, they are good systems for year-round comfort and don’t require you to have two different HVAC systems to perform two different jobs.

High Efficiency

Whether you are heating your home or cooling it, a heat pump system can do it with great efficiency. In fact heat pumps have superior efficiency to fuel-burning systems like furnaces. This is because they only use a small amount of electricity to run their mechanical components in order to move heat from one space to another.

Increase Home Value

The growing popularity of heat pump systems has made them an exceptional addition to just about any kind of home. If you eve plan on selling your home, there are tremendous benefits to creating a home with energy and space-saving advantages, both of which a heat pump will provide.

To schedule your Destin, FL heat pump installation, contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today!

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