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End of Summer Air Conditioning Money Saving Tips

We can still expect plenty of warm weather through the rest of this month and into September, which means that our air conditioning systems are continuing to get quite the workout. As a result, you’ve very likely been seeing pretty high electric bills. There’s no doubt that you’d like to increase your home’s energy efficient in order to see these bills drop. Keep reading to learn just how to save energy and decrease costs.

Change Your Air Filter

You may be surprised by just how important this small HVAC component is. A dirty air filter obstructs airflow and causes your air conditioner to work harder than it should have to. As a result it’s not working efficiently and running longer than it would otherwise. Changing your air filter could certainly contribute to a lower energy bill.

Raise Your Thermostat Setting

If you’re used to setting your thermostat in the low 70’s, try setting it at 78 degrees instead. This is still cool enough for most people to remain comfortable, yet it allows your air conditioning system to take a bit of a break. Since it won’t have to run as long to reach your desired temperature, you could see a decrease in costs.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

While the dead of summer is admittedly not the most popular time to replace your AC, there is never a bad time to do so, particularly when doing so will help decrease your monthly costs! If your air conditioner is over a decade old, then it is not as efficient as the AC systems on the market today. Be sure to give our staff a call to learn more about the various AC systems that we offer, and the benefits of each.

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