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Watch for Clearance around Your Heat Pump’s Compressor Unit

The outside unit of your heat pump is known as the compressor unit. (In the case of standard air conditioning system, it’s often called a condenser. However, a heat pump switches the function of this unit between evaporator and condenser.) This cabinet is where the heat pump absorbs heat while it’s in heating mode and exhausts it in cooling mode.

The problems with poor compressor clearance

In order for a residential heat pump to work effectively, the compressor cabinet must have sufficient clearance on all sides. If it doesn’t, it can result in a number of negative effects because of a drop in the amount of air flow:

  • Air flow restriction will reduce the service life of the system because the components will run hotter than normal.
  • The extra strain placed on the system will also cause it to drain more energy when operating, resulting in a drop in general energy efficiency and hike in your electrical bills.
  • The risk of debris entering the compressor will increase, which can possible damage components.

The correct clearance amount

The outdoor unit of the heat pump should be clear for 24 inches on all sides. This includes the side of the house, fences, walls, and brush. If the unit was installed by professionals, there shouldn’t be any trouble with the unit being too close to the house. (There are cases where the stone platform of the heat pump cabinet will start to sink, causing the unit to tilt toward the house.) However, make sure that you have any plants in the vicinity trimmed in order to keep the area clear, and remove leaves and rocks and anything else that might endanger the operation of the heat pump.

If you need assistance with your heat pump in Navarre, FL, just call on Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. We’ve served the area since 1986.

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