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Why Won’t My Heat Pump Switch to Heating Mode?

While our temperatures certainly don’t drop as low as other parts of the country this time of the year, this past week has definitely necessitated the use of heating systems, particularly at night. Hopefully, if you’ve turned yours on already, you haven’t discovered any problems. If you have your system regularly maintained, problems are a lot less likely.

But no heater is 100% immune to problems, even if it is well taken care of. That being said, a common service call we get is in regards to heat pumps, and how they won’t switch from cooling mode to heating mode. There are a few different reasons as to why this might occur. Keep reading to learn what they are.

Faulty Thermostat

Many homeowners don’t realize just how important their thermostat is to the performance of their heat pump. It essentially serves as the “brain” of your HVAC system, controlling when it shuts on and off. Just like any other HVAC component, thermostats can and do break down and may require repairs.

The issue may be that the instrumentation within the thermostat is dirty and dusty, which affects how it operates, or it might be that the wires which connect the thermostat to your system have become fayed and corroded, cutting off the necessary electrical flow. A third possible scenarios is that there was a programming error.

Leaky Refrigerant

Your heat pump needs a precise amount of refrigerant in order to operate as it should, which it is supplied with upon installation. This refrigerant is needed regardless of whether your heat pump is in cooling mode or heating mode. During the winter season, the refrigerant absorbs the heat in the surrounding air so your system can effectively heat your home.

If refrigerant is escaping your heat pump, then the system simply cannot function as it should, and as a result you may notice lukewarm or cool air blowing into your living space, which you may mistake as the heat pump not switching modes, although it is trying too. Refrigerant leaks can be tricky, and handling it requires a professional touch. So if you suspect this is the issue, be sure to call in our professionals to investigate further.

If you find yourself in need of heat pump repairs in Pensacola, FL, simply contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. 

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