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Help! My Thermostat Screen is Blank

Do you utilize a digital thermostat in your home to run your HVAC systems? If so, one of the most inconvenient issues you may run into is that of a completely blank screen on the unit. This means you can’t control your HVAC system, which is never good news when you live in the climate that we do. But what could be causing this problem, and what can you do about it?

Check the Batteries

This may seem like an obvious solution, however, while many thermostats are hardwired directly into a home’s electrical system, some do run on batteries. So naturally if the batteries die, your thermostat won’t work. Most thermostats give off a warning beep or flash to indicate that the batteries are about to die. You can replace the batteries by removing the front cover. You may need to have the unit re-programmed after this.

Tripped Breaker

If your thermostat is connected to your home’s electrical grid and is not turning on, then the problem might be a tripped circuit breaker. Check your electrical panel and reset any breaker that has tripped to see if this resolves the issue.

Wiring Failure

If the problem with your thermostat is electrical, then this is definitely not a job you want to try to repair on your own. Give our professionals a call so we can inspect for loose connections or broken wires. If no wiring problem is found, then you may need a thermostat replacement. You may want to use this opportunity to upgrade to a programmable or WiFi thermostat. Our professionals will be happy to discuss our various thermostat options with you to ensure you get one that is best matched for your specific needs.

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