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Broken Down Heater Have you Stuck in the Cold? Here’s What to Do!

Alright, alright, we all know that folks north of us and in the Midwest probably laugh at what we call “cold,” but let’s face it, we do deal with chillier temperatures in the wintertime. When we’re used to calling a 95° day “pretty hot” and an 80° day “mild,” then it’s no wonder we’re shivering when temperatures outside dip below 65°! Plus, if it’s rainy or overcast then there’s no natural radiant heat flowing into our home from south-facing windows.

So, we want our heating systems to work, and we want them to work well, right? When yours is in need of a repair—or even worse, when yours has broken down completely, it can feel like an emergency. That’s when it’s time to give our team a call. While you wait for our team to show up though, it’s natural to want to know how to stay warm. Read on as we uncover some tips to do just that.

Use Your Oven*

Have some cookies you were planning on baking? Or perhaps you have a yummy meal you can cook in the oven, on the stovetop, or in your slow cooker. These are all ways to naturally heat up your home while your heater is out of service.

Plus, as long as you have no small children or pets in the home (this is important!) you can consider leaving the oven door cracked open a bit as it cools off. The heat will dissipate into your home and help keep it warm.

Another thing you can do in addition to all this is use the switch in the middle of your ceiling fans to reverse the direction of the blades. This helps to better distribute recirculated heat that’s gathered up at the ceiling.

*Disclaimer: Never use any cooking appliances solely for the purpose of heating your home! This can lead to potential fire hazards or gas leaks.

Bundle Up

“Layering” is not something we’re very familiar with here in the good ol’ Sunshine State, but it will certainly help keep you warm if your heater breaks down! Is it silly to pile on the long sleeve shirts, sweatshirts, and blankets while you’re in your home? Maybe, but if that leads to your comfort, it could be worth it.

Remember, heat leaves through your head, feet, and hands. So when you’re bundling up, don’t forget these areas. Fish out those gloves, put on the fuzzy socks, and find that old beanie you got a few birthdays ago that you never remember to wear.

Move Your Body!

Have you been thinking about starting a new at-home workout routine? Maybe now is the time to start! Moving your body is a great way to naturally raise your internal temperature and stay warm.

If you’re a household with children (or not, we don’t judge!) you could even make a game out of moving your bodies by holding an indoor “dance party.” Move the breakables out of the room, push the furniture to the walls to avoid injury, and have fun!

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