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Don’t Let the End of Season Delay These Furnace Repair Needs!

Are you having problems with your furnace?


Perhaps it’s something really subtle, or something that seems like more of an annoyance than an actual problem. We get it, too. It’s barely that cold around here, so any problem with your furnace can wait, right?

The problem with this mindset is that homeowners often wait too long to address furnace repair needs. What happens is they let the problem go on and on until the furnace breaks down. We’re nearing the end of our heating season, so even this might not seem detrimental. But trust us, when the weather cools back down next fall, you’ll be grateful for tackling furnace repair needs this winter!

We’ve compiled a list below of some of the most common furnace repair needs we get called for. If you notice any of them, please give our team a call—we’re happy to inspect, and we provide reliable repairs and other HVAC services to boot.

It’s Drafty inside Your Home

Let’s say you’re sitting in your home with your furnace running. You expect it to feel nice and warm, since you’re tucked away from the chilly nighttime temperatures.

But even though it’s what you’re expecting, it’s not reality—your heating power is short of your expectations. If your heater is struggling to actually keep you warm and you feel cool drafts coming through, there could be a couple problems happening.

First off, it may be that you need better weather stripping and caulking placement around your windows and doors. Another possibility, though, is that you have damaged ductwork. This can allow your heated air to escape into unoccupied spaces such as your attic or crawlspace, rather than your living area.

Your Furnace is Operating Inefficiently

How would you be able to tell? By looking at your heating bills! Have you noticed they’ve gone way up in price compared to your energy bills this same time last year? Or maybe you’re paying way more than your neighbors are, despite comparable use. This is definitely a sign your furnace isn’t working as efficiently as it once did, and this signals a problem.

Aging furnaces will often begin working inefficiently, but so too will furnaces that need repair.

You Hear Strange Noises or Smell Weird Odors

Have you noticed strange noises or unpleasant odors in the air when you run your furnace? These are two very clear signs that your furnace isn’t at its best, and you need to schedule a heating repair appointment.

The sounds or odors you notice in your home point to different signs of trouble for your furnace—depending on what they are. If you smell a rotten egg smell or hear a hissing, you could have a gas line leak. The best thing to do in this case is shut off the furnace right away and call for emergency services.

Otherwise, we recommend calling for an inspection to ensure your heater’s functionality and efficiency for the years to come.

Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. is the contractor to turn to for heaters and furnaces in Valparaiso, FL. Contact us today!

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