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Heating Installation: Furnaces vs. Heat Pumps

If you have a working set of ducts installed in your home, you generally have two choices available when it comes to heating installation in Pensacola Beach: a furnace or a heat pump. Most central heating systems in the U.S. are furnaces, consisting of a combustion chamber, a filter, a blower, and a venting system, and installed in a closed space like an attic or closet, or in a garage or basement. A heat pump is actually a heating and air conditioning system that contains an outdoor component and an indoor air handler, just like a traditional air conditioner.

Which system is best for your home? We’ll go over both heat pumps and air conditioners in today’s post, but be sure to contact a professional to determine which type, size, and model of unit is best suited for your heating needs.


Furnaces are popular because of the generally low cost of installation as well as reliability. And if you’re skeptical of what a furnace can do for you because you’ve owned a poor-performing furnace in the past, then you may be missing out on an opportunity to get a new highly efficient updated model. Today’s furnaces are more efficient than ever, providing homeowners with a range of options to choose from including those with very high efficiency and performance ratings and advanced safety features.

Heat Pump

A heat pump uses refrigeration technology to move heat from one area to another, as the chemical blend can easily convert from a liquid to a gas and back again to absorb and dissipate heat. In the cooler weather heat is absorbed from the outside air to move indoors. This is cost-effective because it is more efficient for a system to move heat around than to generate heat.

It is often wise to get a heat pump if you need a new air conditioning and heating system. However, if you are only replacing an older furnace, a heat pump may not be your best bet. A heat pump replaces an air conditioning system, and it can come out to quite an expense if you replace a nearly new AC unit.

Call Kool Breeze for an honest assessment of your heating needs and to schedule new heating installation in Pensacola Beach.

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