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The Advantages of Electric Furnaces

Electric furnaces tend to get overshadowed by the more common gas-fueled furnaces. There are a number of reasons for this. Natural gas tends to be a cheaper fuel source than electricity. Despite this, an electric furnace can actually offer a number of great benefits. Have a look at the advantages below of owning an electric furnace.


It’s true that natural gas is a cheaper fuel source for furnaces on average. However, electric furnaces are virtually 100% efficient at converting electricity to thermal energy. Combustion heat systems tend to hover between 75-95%. This means that, while you will be paying more for the fuel, you will be paying less overall for your heating.


Though gas-powered heating systems are still very safe, they cannot avoid producing toxic combustion byproducts like carbon monoxide. Normally, the heating system will vent the toxic gases outside the home. There is always a change, however, of something going wrong and flooding your house with potentially deadly fumes. There is also a risk of fire associated with combustion systems, commonly caused by a gas leak or overheating. An electric furnace does not utilize combustion, and so produces no toxic byproducts. This way, you never have to worry about being in danger from your heating system.


Though natural gas lines are widely available, there are still some places where you will be unable to access one. Even if the city has the infrastructure for them, you will have to pay to install a new line if your house is not already equipped with one. None of this is necessary with an electric furnace. Electricity is available in practically every populated area in the country, and doesn’t require any extra groundwork to be installed in your home.

Solar Interfacing

Electric furnaces can easily interface with solar heating systems to provide even more efficient heating. This is also possible with more traditional combustion-based systems, but tends to require expensive retro-fitting to make the systems mesh properly.

If you are thinking about installing an electric furnace, call Kool Breeze today. We install electric furnaces throughout the Navarre area. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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