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How a UV Air Purifier Helps You Sleep Better at Night

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Indoor air quality has a major impact on people’s wellbeing. Breathing in contaminants and allergens can have serious consequences for respiratory systems, causing an increase in allergy and asthma symptoms and general irritation of the lungs, nose, and throat, and even the eyes. But poor-quality air can have other impacts, too.

Did you know that when indoor air quality is improved, people’s quality of sleep is improved as well? Imagine being able to breathe more freely and avoid germs and irritants and illness while also getting better sleep at night and more energy during the day! A UV air purifier can give you all these benefits. How does purified air help you sleep better at night? Here’s the scoop.

How UV Air Purifiers Work

An air filter captures particles in folds or fibers of paper, cloth, carbon, or fiberglass. In order to purify the air, an additional step is necessary. Ultraviolet light has the amazing ability to cause damage to the proteins that hold tiny biological particles like germs together. With those proteins unraveled, the microbes simply fall apart, no longer a threat to anyone.

These systems are available in small, portable versions which are excellent for enclosed spaces with small square footage. But these can only process a small amount of air and won’t have much impact on your home overall. A whole house air purifier is an addition to your HVAC system and purifies all the air that passes through your ducts, which has a huge impact on your home’s air quality.

Clean Air and Better Sleep

It might be obvious that breathing fewer particles can have a lot of health benefits, especially if those particles are viruses or bacteria! But it’s less obvious how that impacts people’s quality of sleep. Here’s what we know about the connection between breathing and sleep.

  • The Research: A 2019 study published in the journal Sleep found that “although some people have relaxed mood, and sleep in bedrooms with low noise, moderate light, and appropriate temperature, they cannot sleep well because of poor air quality.”
  • Allergies and Asthma: People who suffer from these respiratory conditions often have reduced quality of sleep because of difficulty breathing. Cutting down on the allergens and particles that contribute to these symptoms allows for easier breathing and deeper sleep.
  • Pollutants: Even those who don’t have allergies can react to pollutants such as volatile organic compounds which are often present in high concentrations in our indoor air, which causes sleep disruption.
  • Snoring: Inflammation in the throat and nasal passages is a major contributing factor to snoring and sleep apnea. With irritants eliminated, inflammation is reduced, and snoring is diminished. This isn’t just good news for the person who snores, but for other family members whose sleep may be disrupted by the noise of snoring!
  • Odors: Smell has a powerful impact on the brain. UV air purifiers kill bacteria, and this includes the bacteria that float out of litter boxes, trash cans, and dirty gym socks. With a fresher-smelling bedroom, your brain will be better able to relax.

When you’re ready to take charge of your air quality and improve your quality of sleep, we’re ready to provide air purifier services in Navarre, FL.

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