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Uncommon Problems That Lead to a Broken Heater


When it comes to heating repair needs, we’ve seen it all! But there are some problems we see much less often than others. Issues like a broken fan (or failure in the motor that powers that fan) are everyday occurrences for us. But on occasion, we have the opportunity to deal with something much more unusual.

What strange things can happen in your home that cause your heating system to fail? Here are some of the most unusual ones.

Water Damage

While a heating system like a boiler does contain water, those are rare in our area, and that’s not the issue we’re talking about. The truly surprising issue is when a heater is damaged by water from some other source. This could happen due to floodwater, a leaking roof, or a plumbing problem. Either way, when water gets on your furnace, it’s bad news.

Why? Because all furnaces, even those that burn natural gas, have electrical components. And there’s nothing worse for electrical systems than water. When you suspect that water is the cause of your broken heater in Fort Walton Beach, FL, it’s absolutely essential to have it inspected and repaired by a qualified professional. Attempting to work on it yourself would risk electrocution, but professionals are trained to do this safely.

Wildlife Invasion

When we mention wildlife, you’re probably thinking of mice and insects. And these definitely do invade various parts of HVAC systems. But they’re not the only ones. Did you know that snakes sometimes try to keep their body temperatures regulated in cold Florida winter temperatures by slithering into ductwork? They can even end up wrapping themselves around warm blower fan motors and doing damage.

In addition to this, mice and other small mammals are very fond of chewing on things. Electrical wiring might not sound like a tasty snack to you, but for mice and rats, it can be quite tempting. If you notice any nibbled or frayed wiring, or if you know there are mice in your home and you notice a hot, plasticky, or fishy smell along with your heater concerns, you need repair urgently.

Blocked Flue

In order to keep your home safe from carbon monoxide, a gas furnace vents its exhaust through a flue that exits your home. While this should have a cap on it which prevents it from becoming blocked, sometimes the cap is lost or damaged. Windblown debris can enter the flue and cause a blockage. (Or, in another case of wildlife damage, birds or squirrels can nest in it.)

Furnaces have safety mechanisms that will prevent the operation of the system if the exhaust can’t be safely vented. This means that a blocked flue will lead to the entire system shutting itself down. So if you have a seemingly-functional furnace that just won’t run, the flue is one of the things we always check. 

Whatever your heating problem, whether we see it every day or much more rarely, we’re ready to tackle it and get your home safe and cozy again.

For professional heating repair services, look no further than Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.  Contact us today!

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