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Why Are UV Air Purifiers So Popular?


The short answer to this is, “because they work!” Of course, we’ll elaborate on this a bit further below. After all, you should know just why it’s so important to have a source of air purification that will leave you more comfortable and healthier to boot.

The fact is, your indoor air quality can actually be worse than the quality of air outdoors, without the right indoor air quality products and services in place. This is true no matter the season and no matter the setup of your home. There are a number of factors that impact this, from allergens like pet dander and dust to pollutants like household cleaning products and mold growth.

So, what do UV air purifiers do that’s so special?

More Than Just an Air Purifier

You’ve probably heard the term “air purifier” before, and know that its purpose is to clean the air that’s circulating through your home. Instead of working with a fiber mesh screen to trap contaminants, as an air filter does, an air purifier actually draws particles to it.

The most common type of air purifiers you’ll hear about are electronic and ionization air cleaners. They “charge” unwanted contaminants and draw them down into the system, where the homeowner can clean off the contaminants. But this isn’t effective for all the particles that might enter your indoor air, like mold or mildew. And this is where the UV air purifier comes in.

Also referred to as UV germicidal lights, the UV air purifier is essentially a set of lamps that emit low-frequency ultraviolet radiation, which is where the name comes from. Yes, this is the same type of radiation that comes from the sun, but it’s not dangerous unless you’re a single-celled organism or bacteria!

Busting a Common Myth

There’s a fairly common misconception that UV lights are dangerous. After all, UV radiation from the sun is harmful to people, which is why we wear sunscreen and protective clothing when outside. However, the level of UV radiation within this important indoor air quality product won’t create any of these types of health concerns. This UV light is mounted in your air ducts so it never comes in contact with you. In fact, it will improve your health!

UV lights are powerful enough to eliminate microbes and other organic contaminants moving through your ductwork, like mold and mildew. Your UV air purifier will be installed directly in your ductwork, and will work to remove pollutants before they even have the chance to enter your living space!

Of course, just like any other indoor air quality product, your UV air purifier should be installed by an experienced and reliable professional. We can make recommendations based on the specific needs of your household. You might find that you’ll benefit from a combination of indoor air quality solutions in addition to UV lights, for instance. You can trust our team to set you on the right path toward improved indoor air quality.

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