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Is Your Thermostat Causing Air Conditioning Issues in your Home?

If you are like most homeowners, you probably don’t give much thought to just how vital your thermostat is to your HVAC system and your indoor comfort. This may be an extremely small component of your overall cooling system, however it serves as the “brain” of your air conditioner and can either make or break your cooling efforts.

Most thermostat issues are caused either by faulty wiring, a poorly installed model, or poor calibration. However, these aren’t the only reasons that a thermostat may cause your AC system to develop repair issues. The location of your thermostat actually plays a huge role in the effectiveness of your cooling system. Keep reading to learn more about this, and where you shouldn’t put your thermostat.

Direct Sunlight

The placement of your thermostat plays a huge role in its effectiveness. For example, if it’s exposed to direct sunlight for most of the day, then the radiant heat from the sun can make the thermostat’s sensor register a temperature much higher than what the temperature of the room actually is. This false reading will make your AC come on when it shouldn’t, and run for too long, making the system work harder than it should have to.

Drafty Conditions

Having your thermostat installed too close to windows and doors that allow in outside air can also be a problem. The thermostat will start to pick up false readings and can cause your thermostat to short-cycle; a phenomenon in which the system cycles on and off too rapidly, increasing wear and tear on the system.

Distance Reach

Thermostats should be installed near the center of the home in order to send the right signals to your cooling system. If not, you may notice uneven cooling, which decreases the comfort in your home. The right thermostat placement will prevent your AC from performing erratically.

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