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What Qualifies As an Air Conditioning Emergency?

Given the recent severe weather, it likely doesn’t come as surprise that many people are discovering their outdoor AC units suffered damage. And of course if your air conditioner stops running, it’s a big deal. But what if it’s just a little symptomatic? Should you be concerned?

After a storm of this size impacting our weather, yes, you should be worried if your AC is suddenly showing signs of malfunction. But what exactly qualifies as an emergency—when should you give us a call?

Is Your Unit Making Odd Noises?

One of the most common emergency calls that we receive for air conditioners is that the system is making a screeching noise. In the best case scenario, this is simply caused by a loose fan belt. However, it may also be the sign of a compressor that’s working at a dangerously high level of pressure, which necessitates a call right away.

Of course, you may not know the difference, and that’s okay. Diagnosing the problem with your cooling system is our job, so give us a call whether it’s a screeching you hear, or are bothered by banging, hissing, or even a humming noise you’ve never heard before.

Have You Noticed Unusual Smells?

Burning smells coming from any part of your AC system is never a good sign. In most cases, this is indicative of an electrical problem. If you notice this smell, immediately turn off your system and be sure to call us right away.

And How’s Your Air Flow?

Another common call we receive is in regards to air flow—either there’s not enough or your AC system isn’t cooling as it should. This could be the sign of a refrigerant leak or a number of other problems. First, check your thermostat to be sure the settings are correct. If they are and you see no other apparent cause for this issue, then you may have an emergency situation on your hands which warrants a call to our team.

For quality AC repairs in Ft. Walton Beach, FL from a team who specializes in 24-hour emergency service, contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today. 

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