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How Air Conditioning Maintenance Means Smaller Repair Bills

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Air conditioning maintenance isn’t the same thing as air conditioning repair. Instead it acts as a kind of tune-up, fixing a lot of little problems and keeping an eye out for bigger ones that may be lurking in the future. Here in Fort Walton Beach, air conditioning maintenance should be performed at least once a year, before our hot summers kick in in earnest. But homeowners are often looking at the bottom line and may not seen the value “in fixing something that isn’t broken.” In truth, air conditioning maintenance means smaller repair bills, as well as improved efficiency that you’ll see in your bills every month. Here’s a brief rundown on how.

Dust and dirt invariably build up on the internal components of your air conditioner. That increases friction and forces the system to work harder to do its job. The same principle applies to loose bolts, clogged lines and similar issues. They leech your system of efficiency , which means that the individual components are working harder than they should to do their job. A maintenance session removes a lot of that stress and strain, allowing the system to function without the additional burden. That reduces the risk of repairs and allows the system to go longer before a breakdown occurs.

Furthermore, a maintenance session means being able to spot big repair issues when they’re still small. For example, say the technician spots a single component that could use replacing. If he does it immediately (with a new repair session), it will cost a little bit. But if he does nothing, then the faulty component will cascade and damage three or four other components when it finally fails. Suddenly a small repair session turns into a great big one, or it would if the maintenance session hadn’t caught it.

If you know how air conditioning maintenance means smaller bills, then the next step is to call an air conditioning service in Fort Walton Beach, FL that can do the job right. Air conditioning maintenance is one of our core services, and we keep your satisfaction in mind at all times. Give us a call today to make an appointment!

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Why Air Conditioning Maintenance is Important

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

So you’ve just had a beautiful new high efficiency cooling system installed in your home. The flick of that thermostat switch allows the system to purr, and you and your family are finally able to sit back and relax after several hot and humid nights. It’s the perfect time to schedule AC maintenance in Navarre. While this may come as a surprise, your AC endures wear and tear from the minute it is installed. A cost-effective, routine maintenance plan is the best way to ensure that your air conditioner is routinely inspected, adjusted and cleaned.

The Importance of AC Maintenance

When you had your AC installed, you may have been told about the importance of changing your air filters regularly, especially during the summer months. This is indeed an important part of maximizing the performance and energy efficiency of your system, but it may not be enough to reduce the risk of repairs and extend system longevity. An air conditioning maintenance ensures that your indoor and outdoor coils are not only in good working order, but also they are cleaned of any debris that could affect your cooling. Moreover, all of the electrical components will be tested for appropriate voltage, and any problems that were affecting your AC can be brought to your attention.

Professional air conditioning maintenance has many benefits. Over time, your AC will be subject to a significant amount of wear and tear. This is unavoidable. But having your AC cleaned on a routine basis allows a technician the chance to look for any problems at their earliest stages. Most HVAC issues do not come out of nowhere, but rather develop in the long-term. Another benefit of air conditioning maintenance is that your system will operate at peak levels of energy efficiency and performance. There is no better way to make sure that this is the case than by having your system adjusted and cleaned thoroughly.

Remember: hire only a pro technician to service your AC, no matter what type it is. Attempting to do it yourself may lead to damage. Call Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today. 

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What Type of AC is Right for Your Home

Friday, May 16th, 2014

If you’re in the market for a new AC, then you need to make sure that you hire a professional to get the job done right the first time. Because one of the most critical aspects of new air conditioning installation in Navarre is the selection process itself, it’s best to have a professional on hand early on. As with most things these days, there is no shortage of options from which to choose. Whether you welcome this range or find it confusing, you still want to find the right cooling system for your home. Sometimes, that means going for a conventional central air unit, while in other cases, it might mean selecting a ductless cooling system.

All air conditioners operate by means of the refrigerant cycle, which involves the use of a refrigerant cycling through various pressures and temperatures in order to transfer thermal energy from indoors to the outdoors. Let’s take a closer look at some of your air conditioning options so that you can get a sense of what’s available.

AC Options for Your Home

  • Central air conditioning. When it comes to power, you may want to consider a central air unit. These systems have an outdoor unit and a centralized indoor air handler attached to a network of ducts installed behind the walls and in the ceilings of your home. If you already have ductwork in your home, then a central AC makes sense. It’s important to make certain that your central AC’s cooling capacity matches the size of your living space to ensure maximum performance and efficiency.
  • Heat pump. A heat pump works much like a central air conditioner in that it circulates refrigerant throughout indoor and outdoor units and also uses ductwork. It is unique in that it is also capable of reversing the flow of refrigerant, and thus heating your home during the winter months as well. Because of our moderate winters, a heat pump remains energy efficiency throughout the year.
  • Ductless mini split. If you’d like to avoid the use of ductwork altogether, then you may want to consider a ductless mini split. These systems use multiple indoor air handlers placed throughout the living space. Without ductwork to function as an intermediary between you and your cooling, a ductless system is often significantly more energy efficient than central air units. Moreover, they are not subject to many of the indoor air quality issues associated with ductwork.

Whatever type of AC you settle on, make sure you do it in consultation with an expert. Call Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today for more information. 

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What Is Geothermal and Is It Right for My Home?

Friday, May 9th, 2014

If you’ve already started doing a bit of research online about new HVAC systems for your home or commercial space, then you may have come across the term “geothermal.” As the term suggests, geothermal heating and cooling is a way of making your home more comfortable by means of the thermal energy stored underground. This system type is known for its excellent energy efficiency as well as for its year-round versatility.

When it comes to geothermal installation and service, you can count on Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. Give us a call today to set up an initial consultation. 

Despite its moniker, geothermal energy does not emit from the Earth’s core, so you don’t have to worry about magma. Rather, geothermal energy is latent energy that has been stored by the sun’s rays. When you get down to a certain level, the temperature of the earth is consistently moderate throughout the year, whether it’s July or January. Geothermal HVAC systems seek to draw upon that energy. They use underground piping that circulates a water or anti-freeze mixture to dissipate thermal energy into the ground during the summer, and to draw that thermal energy from the ground during the winter. The system connects to a fairly conventional heat pump setup, including the use of ductwork throughout the home.

But it’s important to make sure that your property can handle a geothermal system in the first place. Obviously, such a system requires a certain amount of space for the installation of underground piping. There are also other options for the installation of piping, including using small bodies of water on the property, such as ponds, to facilitate the heating and cooling process. Most importantly, it’s a good idea to discuss the details of your home and HVAC needs with a professional so that we can find a solution that’s right for you.

Geothermal systems function much like conventional heat pumps, but often at a fraction of the energy consumption. Whereas conventional air conditioners have to contend with high outdoor temperatures during the summer, a geothermal system only has to contend with a relatively moderate ground temperature.

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The Importance of New Construction HVAC

Friday, May 2nd, 2014

Most people rely on experts for the construction of a new home. Even if you specialize in one particular trade, be it plumbing, carpentry, roofing or concrete, you’re going to need to hire a team of specialists to ensure the job is done in a timely and correct manner. One major aspect of any new home construction project is the HVAC system. How will you keep cool during the summer? How will you stay warm during the winter? If you haven’t begun considering that, it’s never too early or too late. New construction HVAC services involve more than just the installation.

You might be able to get away without a whole house air conditioner in some areas of our country, but not here. You want to have a reliable, efficient and powerful cooling system available at the flick of a switch. There are a number of different air conditioners to select from, but first things first: you need to know how much cooling you need. That’s where a heat load calculation comes into play. A professional HVAC technician can perform a series of measurements in order to figure out just how much cooling your new home will need based on various factors, including square footage and the amount of windows and doors.

You also need to make certain that your new air conditioner is designed with the ductwork in mind. After all, the system power and the ducts also have to match, as an overly large system or improperly sized ductwork can cause serious performance and efficiency problems. A trained technician will be able to come up with a system design that ensures your AC works well for years to come. All of this is required of heating systems, too.

Deciding on a system for your new home or commercial space can be difficult, but we can make it easy on you.

There are numerous factors to consider, including the size of your space, your heating and cooling preferences, as well as your budget. Call Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today. 

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