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Ductless Mini-Splits: Financial Considerations

Monday, November 28th, 2016

Ductless systems have a number of advantages. However, despite this, customers still wonder if it really is a good investment for their home. The best way to determine this is to take a good look at some of the costs involved, as well as the saving you can gain by utilizing a ductless mini-split system in your home.

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Don’t Trust Just Anyone with Your Commercial HVAC Services

Monday, November 21st, 2016

When you have a commercial HVAC system installed for your business, you want to be able to count on its flexibility and reliability, ensuring that it will keep your employees, customers, or tenants feeling comfortable no matter what the temperatures are outside. Like any other appliance or piece of equipment though, they do suffer from occasional breakdowns.

If something goes wrong with your commercial air conditioner or heating unit, not only do you want it fixed quickly to avoid business interruption, but you also want the job done right the first time. Otherwise, you’re going to have uncomfortable employees or tenants, or you could even lose business since customers will be discouraged from coming in.

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The Sources of Ice on an AC Evaporator Coil

Monday, November 14th, 2016

Since air conditioning systems blow out chilled air, many homeowners are not necessarily surprised when they see ice forming along the coils. They tend to think that it’s normal and that once the AC cycles off, the ice will simply melt away and fall into the drip pan below. This is a detrimental assumption to make, however.

Ice should never appear on your air conditioner. If it does, then there is something seriously wrong with your air conditioner. The ice won’t go away permanently if you remove it yourself—and in fact that can be harmful to your system anyway. The ice development will actually increase if the underlying problem is not taken care of. As long as ice is present, your AC system will suffer a reduction in cooling power. So what’s the underlying issue?

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Furnace Troubles You May Encounter

Monday, November 7th, 2016

While our great state will never get as cold as some of the states in the Midwest, our winters still do bring temperatures cool enough for us to make use of a heating system. When that happens, you want to make sure that you have a heater which is ready to handle its job effectively and efficiently.

If it’s a furnace that you’ll be utilizing this winter, then you’ll want to keep an eye out for any common furnace problems that may crop up. The faster you address furnace repair needs, the more damage you can prevent. Keep reading to learn more.

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