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3 Ways You May Be Accidentally Damaging Your Air Conditioning System

When it’s summer in Florida, air conditioning systems will put in some serious overtime to keep homes cool and comfortable. You don’t need us to explain to you how important the central AC in your house is during these hottest months of the year. But perhaps you may need some help to keep the air conditioner from encountering troubles with malfunctions and drops in efficiency. There are some ways that you may be damaging your air conditioner and not even know it. Here are three to watch out for this summer—and every summer to come.

#1 – Blocking room vents

If you use a standard ducted AC that sends air into rooms through vents, you need to exercise caution so that the vents don’t become blocked. Moving furniture or carpets can accidentally result in a blocked vent in a room, and if the room doesn’t receive much use you may not notice it for a while. But this will place strain on the air conditioner and waste energy. Make a check in the rooms to see that no furnishings have blocked any of the vents.

#2 – Forgetting to change the air filter each month

It only takes a month for the air filter in the AC to develop clogging from dust and other debris. This will limit air flow and can result in damaging ice growing along the indoor coil. To avoid this, put “change the air filter” on your monthly “to-do” list.

#3 – Running it when you aren’t home

One of the most prevalent myths about air conditioning systems is that is cost less to keep them running all day rather than turn them on and off at different points. This isn’t true: it’s wasteful to run a cooling system when nobody’s home. Invest in a programmable thermostat that will turn the air conditioner on a half hour before you return to your house, and you can enjoy comfort without putting enormous extra strain on the air conditioner.

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