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A Helpful Thermostat Tip for Saving Money This Summer

Any summer in Florida is a hot summer. This means keeping the air conditioner in your home running on a regular basis. But does this also have to mean skyrocketing electrical bills? You can expect those bills to increase, but there are ways you can keep them in check. We have some advice for how to set your thermostat during the summer that will keep you cool while at the same time maximizing energy savings.

This requires a programmable thermostat

This tip will not work if your home still operates with a manual or no-frills digital thermostat. If this is the case, then we strongly advise that you call on professionals to install a programmable model. There are many ways that upgraded thermostats will help you save money.


Whenever you are home during the day, set the thermostat between 72°F and 75°F. This is the right temperature for most people to stay comfortable, regardless of how hot the outdoors is. Setting the temperature lower than this is usually a waste of money.

When you leave your home, change the setting to 82°F to 85°F. The air conditioner will probably only need to come on occasionally, but it will run just enough to prevent the house from becoming extremely hot. This makes it easier to cool the house down when the time comes.

Program the AC to return to the 72°F–75°F temperature half an hour before you come back home. This grants the air conditioner enough time to have the house cooled down to pleasant temperatures by the time you walk through the door.

If you follow this routine throughout the summer, you should experience a 25% savings off your cooling costs compared to keeping the air conditioner on lower settings and running during the day when you aren’t around.

If you would like help with keeping your air conditioning as energy-efficient as possible this summer in Fort Walton Beach, FL, just call Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.

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