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How to Get the Most Out of Your AC This Summer

get-the-most-out-of-ac-this-summerYou know as well as we do that we never really escape summer here in Florida. Therefore, it’s vital that you have a fully functioning and efficiently operating air conditioner to get you through the hottest of months. As spring begins with summer soon to follow, it’s time to start thinking about how you can best save on your energy costs.

We offer quality Pensacola, FL air conditioning services, should you find yourself facing a system breakdown or even a small repair need. In the meantime though, we’d like to share some of our tips with you to help you use your AC as much as you need to this coming cooling season, but still save money.

Utilize Ceiling Fans

If you think ceiling fans do nothing to lower the temperature in your home, you’d be correct. What they do accomplish, however, is they circulate the air, making it feel up to 10 degrees cooler in the particular room or area it’s being used. This means you may be able to turn your AC up 10 degrees, so it doesn’t have to work as hard to do its job, helping it to work more efficiently.

Invest in Maintenance

During your AC maintenance appointment, our professionals will fully inspect and clean your air conditioner, making any necessary adjustments and recommendations for repairs in the meantime. This will ensure that the system works as effectively and efficiently as it should for as long as it should, and also helps cut down on repair and operating costs.

Change Your Air Filter

The air filter that comes standard with your HVAC systems is in place to protect the interior of these systems from dirt, dust, and other debris. If the air filter becomes too clogged, it can not only restrict air flow, but can also cause debris to build up on these components so that they do not work as effectively as they should.

Changing your air filter is fairly simple, and should be done at least every 3 months during periods of use. If you have cheaper air filters, or significant contaminants in your home—like pet dander or cigarette smoke—then you should probably change yours once a month.

Close Your Blinds and Curtains

You may be surprised by just how much heat gain is caused by natural sunlight. By keeping your blinds and curtains closed during the day, you can offset this and give your AC a break. It may not need to cycle on as early in the day as it would otherwise, and it may not need to run as much to reach your desired temperature since your home will be cooler already.

Avoid Heat-Generating Activities

We don’t mean avoid the shower—rather, try not to cook using your oven or stovetop during the hotter periods of the day, and also try to avoid using your clothes dryer or dishwasher during these times too. Even your computers and televisions can generate a lot of heat, making your AC work overtime—and thus, less efficiently.

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