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Does My Florida Home Need an Inverter AC?


Fall is the perfect season to take some time to reflect on how things went with your air conditioner over the summer. Is it struggling, possibly needing repair? Is it getting too old, so even regular maintenance isn’t keeping it in tip-top condition? Or is it using so much energy that your utility bills have become overwhelming?

While you’re not in a rush, since the weather has cooled down, you should consider your options. If the time for AC replacement has come, or you want an efficiency upgrade to reduce your electric bill, one option you should consider is an inverter AC.

How Traditional AC Units Work

Historically, air conditioners have functioned as binary systems. Like a standard light switch, they are either on or off. Now, for light switches, this might work just fine. But what if that was your car? Imagine if that only had two settings—top speed, or park. You can see that this binary approach is not ideal for all systems.

For a traditional AC unit, this means that any time the thermostat signals for cooling, the air conditioner uses 100% power until the thermostat signals that it can turn off. It’s very simple, but it’s pretty energy-intensive.

Modern Air Conditioning Innovations

In recent years, there have been some major breakthroughs in AC technology. This includes materials for use in refrigerant coils that have higher thermal conductivity, allowing heat to be absorbed and dissipated more easily, and blower fan motors that run at variable speeds. But perhaps most importantly, there have been innovations in how compressors work.

An inverter air conditioner, which is sometimes called a DC inverter unit, has a multi-phase compressor. Instead of simply turning on and off, this fantastic piece of technology can run at different levels. Even better, you don’t need to manually control what level it runs at. Microcontrollers in your home determine your cooling needs and adjust the compressor automatically.

Inverter Air Conditioner Benefits

  • Operational Cost: These units cost less to run. They only rev up to full power when it’s absolutely necessary, spending most of their time running at a level that lowers your energy use and your electric bill. In Florida, where cooling can comprise a huge percentage of your electric bill, this is a tremendous benefit.
  • Temperature Consistency: By running at a low-power mode more of the time instead of cycling on and off as much as a traditional AC unit, these systems prevent temperature fluctuations and keep your home’s temperature even.
  • Peace and Quiet: The energy-reduction mode doesn’t just save you money, it also operates with a lot less noise, so your home will be quieter.
  • System Longevity: The way these units work puts a lot less pressure on the compressor. When this critical component isn’t under as much strain, there’s less wear and tear overall, and the system can last longer.
  • Environmental Responsibility: Cutting down on your energy use doesn’t just benefit your budget, it’s also better for the earth.

Reach out to a member of our team to find out more about inverter air conditioners and your options for AC replacement in Pensacola Beach, FL.

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