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Making Sense of Heat Pump Efficiency Ratings


You’ve surely heard that heat pumps are extremely efficient. But how can you tell just how efficient they are? How can you compare one heat pump to another? Since heat pumps both heat and cool, are there different ways to look at the efficiency of each operation? What should you know before choosing which heat pump to have installed in your home?

Luckily, there are some very clear answers to these questions. Heat pump efficiency ratings may seem a little complex, but don’t worry. It won’t take long to make sense of them and learn exactly what to look for. 

SEER2 Ratings

SEER2 or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio is a system of calculating cooling efficiency that is applied to both air conditioners and to the cooling mode of heat pumps. It’s a ratio of the amount of heat removed from the air (which is measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units) divided by the amount of energy used to do that work (which is measured in watt hours). 

These systems are required to meet certain SEER2 standards based on where they’re being installed. In the southeast region, heat pumps must have a SEER2 rating of 14.3, much more efficient than, say, your ten-year-old air conditioner ever was. But heat pumps do have SEER2 ratings that go much higher, even up to 30, though those units may be expensive. A rating of 16-19 would cut your electric bill significantly.

HSPF2 Ratings

HSPF2 or Heating Seasonal Performance Factor is a system of calculating heating efficiency that is used for all types of heating systems. Again, it’s a ratio of change in temperature in BTUs (this time the amount of heat added to the air) divided by energy used in watt hours.

The required minimum HSPF2 for a heat pump is 7.5. Some heat pumps have ratings as high as 10.5, however a rating of 9 is considered high-efficiency enough to potentially qualify for a federal energy tax credit. These numbers may seem low compared to SEER2 rating numbers, but keep in mind, an electrical resistance heater has an HSPF2 of 3.41.

Any heat pump will be more efficient at heating than any other type of heating system. This is because it does not actually generate any heat at all, and it’s the generating of heat which is so energy-intensive. All a heat pump does is move heat from one place to another. This process uses a great deal less energy. And in our climate, a heat pump may provide all the heating you need, all year round!

What the 2 Means

SEER and HSPF were the original rating systems, and SEER2 and HSPF2 are calculated the same way. The difference is in how the units are tested. It was determined that the conditions of the original testing were not wholly accurate to real-world conditions in terms of static pressure, so a new M1 blower testing procedure was developed that better reflects how units will actually perform.

The Professional Touch

When you’re planning to replace your heat pump or get a heat pump for the first time, it is critical to have professional heat pump services in Fort Walton Beach, FL. A qualified technician can provide an assessment of your home and your needs in order to better select the right heat pump for you. 

For professional heat pump services, look no further than Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.  Contact us today!

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