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Does Your Air Conditioner Require Maintenance?


Like any other complex system with many finicky components, air conditioners operate most efficiently and require the fewest repairs if they are maintained regularly. What exactly is involved in air conditioner maintenance? And can you do it yourself? And what exactly do we mean by regularly? If you’d like to know more, we’d love to help you understand all about this important process.

What Can I Do Myself?

As we said, air conditioners are complex, and they contain components that must be handled by a knowledgeable professional. Some of these parts, like electrical components and refrigerant, can even be dangerous if mishandled. However, there is one very important maintenance job that you can and should be doing yourself.

The filter of your AC unit should be changed every month during high use, such as in extreme heat, or whenever you think there’s extra contamination, such as from nearby construction or a pet shedding. When there’s lower AC use and no extra contamination, every three months should be fine.

The only other thing you should concern yourself with is making sure that the outdoor condenser unit is not crowded or obstructed by debris, plants, dead leaves, or other matter.

What Do Professionals Do?

When our team does AC maintenance in Navarre, FL, they have a lengthy checklist of to-do items because your air conditioner has a lengthy list of components. They will:

  • Make sure your condenser and evaporator coils are clean and functioning properly, so they can absorb and release heat efficiently.
  • Ensure that there are no leaks allowing refrigerant to escape and that the refrigerant is at the proper level.
  • Inspect the electrical components, tightening connections anywhere that they’ve become loose.
  • Make sure the drains are working properly so that condensation from the evaporator coils doesn’t leak onto other components, and clean the pan and drains.
  • Wiping away dust from the fan and compressor motors and using lubricant to help them run smoothly, decreasing wear and tear and increasing the life of the motors.
  • Testing the thermostat, making sure it’s supplying correct information to the unit about when to turn on and off, and recalibrating it if necessary.
  • Cleaning the filter. Yes, we did tell you to do that yourself. But your technician will also clean it, so that when they’re done, the entire unit will be in top condition.

How Often Should Maintenance Be Done?

We recommend annual maintenance for most AC systems. Once a technician has inspected your air conditioner and discussed your use with you, they can let you know if they have a different recommendation.

What Are the Benefits?

There are three main benefits to AC maintenance. The first is efficiency: an AC unit is about 5% less efficient after a year’s operation, so maintenance can restore its efficiency… or another year’s operation can further reduce it. The second is reduced repair needs.

Up to 85% of repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance! The third is extending the lifespan of the unit. Replacing your air conditioner is expensive and inconvenient, and maintenance can help it to live the longest possible life, keeping you cool for many more years than it would if you left it unmaintained.

For professional AC maintenance, look no further than Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.  Contact us today!

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