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Ductless Mini Splits Are Ideal in These Situations


A ductless mini split is a great option for pretty much any situation. They integrate smoothly with a heat pump, providing warmth in winter as well as AC in the summer. They are surprisingly efficient for a wide variety of reasons. And the installation process is simpler and quicker than installing an entire system of ductwork. 

However, while a mini split is a good choice in general, there are some times and places when choosing any other type of system would not make sense. They fill certain needs so perfectly that nothing else could do the job as well. What situations are ductless mini splits ideal for? Read on to find out. If you’re considering a ductless mini split in Fort Walton Beach, FL, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions.

For Homes Without Ductwork

Most homes in Florida already have ducts. But some homes were built before ductwork and central AC became common. If you have been using window units because your home has never had a central air conditioner, a ductless mini split is the perfect solution. It’s quicker and less costly than installing ductwork, and it will avoid the wasted space and unsightly visible ducts that can happen when central air is added to older homes.

For Homes With Ductwork in Poor Condition

Some materials that ducts are made of can last decades, such as sheet metal. Some don’t last very long at all, such as flexible ducts made of a wire coil covered in thin plastic. But none of them will last anywhere near as long as a house. So ductwork that’s been in place for years is often in very poor condition. They experience deterioration from age and damage from home renovations, rodent infestations, and more. 

In fact, ductwork degrades so much and is so easy to forget about, out of sight behind your walls, that the average American home is losing 30% of its heated and conditioned air through duct leaks! That’s a huge cost being added to your utility bills. Have your ducts inspected. If they’re not in good shape, it would be an expensive waste to keep using them.

For Homes With Additions

Maybe your home has had a central air system that has been perfectly adequate. But now you’re building an addition, or enclosing something like a garage or attic and using it as living space. Now your air conditioner isn’t powerful enough for the whole space, and even if it was, the cool air wouldn’t be distributed evenly enough. The solution? A ductless mini split.

You can add a small ductless system just for your new space. It will be separately controlled with its own thermostat, which is perfect for a section of your home that’s intended to be independent, like an in-law apartment, guest suite, or private area for your teenager. And it will prevent unnecessary strain on your existing air conditioner. 

For New Construction

If you’re starting from scratch, why not choose a system like a ductless mini-split with a heat pump, which will make your new home outrageously efficient? No loss due to duct leakage, no wasteful furnace generating heat, just a single, simple system keeping your home at the perfect temperature all year round.

For professional ductless services, look no further than Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.  Contact us today!

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