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How Your Pets May Be Causing Your Air Conditioner Problems


You’ve probably got a pretty good idea of how to keep your AC system in decent condition. Make sure you get annual maintenance, change the air filter monthly, and hose down or rake around the outdoor unit to keep good airflow going. Of course, if you’ve got an air conditioner problem, you should have it repaired promptly, so the problem won’t have a chance to worsen.

But there are things that could be happening to your air conditioner that you’re not noticing. Sometimes, pets are the cause of a sneaky air conditioner problem you haven’t figured out yet. What could that be? We’ll explain.


Although the purpose of the air conditioner is to create cool air, it is also an appliance with a motor, and thus a bit of heat is also generated. And if that heat can’t dissipate quickly, overheating in the system can cause a whole host of issues. 

If air doesn’t circulate freely, the system’s automatic shutdown will be triggered when heat starts to build. Once the air conditioner is off, the overheated motor will cool down. The system will try to start again, overheat again, and shut down. This can happen over and over, wasting a huge amount of energy and putting a lot of strain on the compressor. But if the shutdown isn’t triggered soon enough, the motor’s wiring can melt and fuse together.

Why are your pets causing overheating? Because of their fur. It can clog the air filter much more quickly than once a month. A clogged filter won’t allow enough air to flow through. And if the system pulls hard enough to suck air around the edges of the filter, the hair will get into the air conditioner and blanket the motor with furry insulation, making the issue even worse. If you have furry pets, check the filter extra often/

Electrical Issues

While adult cats and dogs don’t tend to be terrible nibblers, younger animals and other pets such as rabbits love to chew on anything they can reach, including electrical wires. A slightly damaged wire may cause inconsistent performance, as the electrical connection is made and broken over and over with the slightest movement. A fully damaged wire will stop the air conditioner completely.

If you suspect that something like this may have already happened, even if you just see the slightest bite mark, you should have it checked out by a professional immediately. And if you can’t keep nibbling pets away from the AC entirely, invest in some childproof or pet-proof cable covers. This will keep your pets and your air conditioner safe.


Finally, we come to a particularly icky problem. This has to do with dogs marking their territory on your outdoor AC unit. Dog urine is highly corrosive, and this will cause the unit to rust quite quickly. In fact, this issue has caused metal light poles to collapse from being too popular with the dogs. 

You need to keep your dog away from the outdoor unit or you will need serious AC repair in Destin, FL. Any fence should be of open construction to allow airflow and keep pets at least three feet from the unit on all sides. 

If you have any questions about the well-being of your air conditioner, pet-related or otherwise, we’re happy to help you find the answers.

For professional AC services, look no further than Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. Contact us today!

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