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Have You Gotten Your AC Maintenance Done Yet?


Surely you’re already using your air conditioner. It’s getting hot out there! But did you manage to squeeze in an AC maintenance appointment before the heat hit? If not, you might be wondering if it’s still worth it. Should you schedule AC maintenance now, even though the ideal spring maintenance season has passed? Yes, definitely! We’ll explain why.


You pay enough to keep your home cool and comfortable. You certainly don’t want higher electric bills! But an air conditioner loses about 5% of its efficiency over the course of a Florida summer’s hard work and a winter of gathering dust. If it’s been even more than a year since you’ve had maintenance done, it will keep stacking up—ten, fifteen, twenty percent less efficiency.


You can’t afford to have your air conditioner do a half-hearted job this summer, either. With an average daily temperature of 89 degrees during July and August, our climate is not the place for an ineffective air conditioner. Maintenance maximizes airflow and decreases problems like friction and overheating, making your air conditioner get the job done more easily and evenly.

Catching Concerns Early

When an air conditioner has any sort of problem, your efficiency and effectiveness will decrease. Small issues rapidly snowball into big ones, and repairs become more complicated and expensive. You might even end up with a total breakdown of your air conditioner during a heatwave. You might even, if you put too much strain on your compressor, have to replace the whole system.

The key to avoiding all this is catching concerns early. When your technician performs air conditioning maintenance in Fort Walton Beach, FL, they’ll inspect and test each and every component. If anything is wrong—loose, damaged, miscalibrated, out of alignment—it will get dealt with right away. This prevents these tiny issues from becoming major headaches.

Maximizing AC Lifespan

Air conditioners, with no maintenance ever performed, might only last 6-7 years, especially in climates that require a lot of hard work from cooling systems. But if maintenance is done every single year, the system will keep chugging along for much longer. An air conditioner will often last 10-12 years, occasionally more, when the homeowner is consistent about maintenance.

Complying with Warranty Agreements

A warranty is a manufacturer’s promise to take responsibility for things that shouldn’t have gone wrong with their product. For example, if a part fails early because of a flaw in manufacturing, the warranty will ensure that the manufacturer pays for that part to be replaced. 

But there are requirements for you, too, and annual maintenance is a requirement in almost all AC warranty agreements. Failure to have your system maintained would mean voiding your warranty and having to pay on your own whenever something goes wrong, even if it was the manufacturer’s fault. Don’t let that happen to you! Schedule AC maintenance today.

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