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How a Zone Control System Can Improve Your Air Conditioner This Summer

It may be hard to believe with the heat we are already experiencing, however summer has only just begun. And as the season wears on, you’ll be depending on your air conditioner more and more to keep you cool.

To ensure you are using your system as efficiently as possible, you’ve likely already scheduled preventive maintenance, which is great! However, that’s not the only way to ensure that you have optimal air conditioner efficiency and comfort. Read on to learn more about how a zone control system can improve your AC efficiency this season.

What Zone Control Is

A zone control system is comprised of a number of dampers, which are installed at specific areas throughout your home’s air ducts. These dampers are enabled to open and close in order to direct air flow, splitting up your home’s ductwork into various zones.

Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat, which in turn controls the dampers and your cooling system. When one of these thermostats needs conditioned air, it will open the relevant damper and activate the system. Any dampers not controlled by the zone thermostat at that time will remain closed. This ensures that the only part of the home receiving air conditioning is the one that you desire.

What Are the Benefits?

To fully understand the advantages of zone control, it’s important first to look at the disadvantages of central air conditioning systems. While these systems can be very effective and efficient, a typical central unit doesn’t have the capability to alter its output dependent on different parts of the home. Your system is either on, or it’s off, with no in-between.

So what’s the problem? Well first off, most rooms in an average home have differences in their insulation, as well as how much direct sunlight they get. Applying the same level of cooling output to each room will create hot and cold spots where some rooms receive too much conditioned air and/or too little conditioned air. The other issue is that central air without a zone control system doesn’t allow for people with different cooling preferences within your home to control their own air conditioning.

To learn more about zone control system installation in Gulf Breeze, FL and to schedule an appointment, contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today! 

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