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Has Your Air Conditioner Been Tuned-Up for Summer?

When you live in as hot and humid of a state as we do, your air conditioning system is naturally a huge part of your home’s comfort. Since it gets a lot of use over the years, it’s only natural that it will suffer from the effects of wear and tear and eventually need small repairs here and there.

To best prepare your AC system for the cooling load that it will bear all summer, a maintenance appointment is essential. Maintenance serves many benefits, some of which we’ve explained below. Be sure to contact us ASAP to schedule your summer AC tune-up.

Extend Your Equipment Life

When your HVAC technicians come for your maintenance appointment, they will thoroughly inspect and clean your entire HVAC unit. This way they can check for anything that is amiss and make recommendations for repairs if needed.

Common problems that can be found during a tune-up are a leaking compressor, or the fan motor starting to wear down and break. No matter the situation, your HVAC professionals can handle it before it becomes a huge emergency, and therefore help your AC system last as long as possible.

Reduce Repairs

During your AC tune-up, your technicians will inspect every aspect of your home’s air conditioning system. This will help them spot the smallest of problems. This could be as simple as replacing a clogged air filter—which should be changed or cleaned by you at least every 3 months. But the problem could be more serious, and spotting it this early on means you can reduce the frequency of repairs.

Better Efficiency

As your AC system does its job, small problems can develop that cause your system to work harder to cool your home. This decreases the system’s efficiency and can cause your system to permanently fail. However when you eliminate these barriers, you can actually improve your system’s efficiency.

To schedule a professional air conditioning maintenance appointment in Destin, FL, contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. today. 

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