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How Do Technicians Know What Kind of AC to Install?

If you’ve tried browsing the internet for a new air conditioner recently, you may have noticed the vast array of options available. Central air conditioners come in all different sizes with varying efficiency ratings, and there are many different types of systems available as well, including heat pumps and ductless mini splits. Because you may be unfamiliar with all of these systems, you should choose your air conditioner with the help of a technician. However, when you need air conditioning installation, you want to ensure you get the system that is right for your home, is installed properly, and won’t cost too much money to run and maintain. So how does a technician know what kind of AC to install in your home?

The simple answer is that a technician has years of experience selecting and installing air conditioners. But none of the work can be done without your help. First, the technician must know what kind of unit is already installed in your home. If your current air conditioner is ductless, your best bet will probably be to replace it with the same type of system. Similarly, it would be unnecessary to replace a central air conditioner that uses your homes ducts with a ductless mini split.

Additionally, your technician will ask you questions about your budgetary preferences as well as how much energy you’d like to cut back on every month. If you’ve had a standard central air conditioner in the past, you may choose to replace it with a heat pump, which provides both cooling and heating. If you want to save money every month, you may choose a system with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio).

Finally, a technician must size your home for air conditioning installation. Choosing the proper size involves many factors, including taking measurements of rooms and making additional calculations based on the number of people in the home and other considerations such as the number and placement of windows.

When you want a professional who knows how to ask the right questions, call Kool Breeze today for air conditioning installation in Fort Walton Beach.

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