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Some of Your Options for New Thermostat Installation

The thermostat is an essential component of a residential HVAC system: without it, you cannot communicate with your air conditioning or heating system to control the climate in your home. For many years, the basic style of thermostat was a manual unit that operated using slides and dials. Although these manual thermostats are still capable of getting the job done, technology has surpassed them with models that have greater precision and numerous special features that enhance comfort and maximize energy savings. Below are 3 options you have for new thermostats when you decide to replace the older units in your home:

Basic digital thermostat

For a household on a budget, a standard digital thermostat without special features is a good choice. Digital thermostats have more precise temperature settings than manual ones, which are often off by around 2°F. The more precise setting means better comfort, and it will also result in somewhat lower energy use. Digital thermostats have easy-to-read displays as well.

Digital programmable thermostat

This is the new standard for thermostats, and they come in a range of models that can meet different needs and budgets. Programmable thermostats provide you the power to control when the heating and cooling turn on and off, even when you aren’t home. You no longer have to leave the AC running during a hot day in order to come home to a cool house; you just program the AC to turn on a half hour before you come home. Simple programmable thermostats have day and night settings, while more complex ones can have different programs for every day of the week.

Smart thermostats

The current advanced edge of thermostat technology is thermostats that “learn” from the owners’ previous settings to create specialized programs that maximize energy savings. Smart thermostats can even show you how much energy you are saving. Most smart thermostats can be controlled via an Internet connection, allowing you to operate them from anywhere using a computer, laptop, notebook or cell phone.

If you are interested in new thermostats or thermostat upgrades, contact Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. We offer many HVAC services for homes in Pensacola Beach, FL.

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