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What Is “Hard Starting” in an Air Conditioning System?

One of the more common problems that can affect an air conditioner during a period such as the summer when it does steady work is hard starting. This is when the air conditioner’s motors encounter difficulty beginning the cooling cycle. The motors may be damaged or receiving low voltage; the problem could also originate in the start capacitor or within the compressor.

The air conditioner may still operate and produce cooling, but hard starting is a serious problem that will drain energy and cause long-term damage. If your home’s AC begins to hard start, you must contact professionals to repair it as soon as possible.

Signs of hard starting

There are some indications to watch for that your AC is hard starting. One of them is short-cycling, which is when the compressor starts up, runs for only a short time, and then shuts off. This might also be a problem within the compressor itself, rather than the motors, which is a major repair issue that needs immediate attention.

Another common sign is stuttering from the compressor when it comes on, often accompanied by a clicking sound. If the air conditioner starts to trip circuit breakers when the compressor tries to activate, then hard starting is probably at fault.

Repairing hard starting

Do not attempt to fix a hard-starting AC on your own with measures like adding larger fuses or trying to repair a motor. You need to have a professional look into the problem, find the source, and fix it. Some methods that HVAC technicians use to overcome hard starting include adding a “hard start kit” (a capacitor that adds extra voltage to start to compressor motor), fixing wiring troubles, or replacing motors.

If you do not seek professional assistance for a hard-starting AC, it can result in a full breakdown for the system, possibly with damage to the compressor. The air conditioner will also drain excess energy until the problem is fixed.

If you have a hard-starting AC in your home, call on Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc. in Navarre, Fl for air conditioning repairs.

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