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The Benefits of an AC with a High SEER2 Rating


A lot has changed in air conditioning technology in recent years. Innovations have made it possible for manufacturers to build AC units that are tremendously more efficient than they used to be. Regulations have changed, too, requiring manufacturers to keep their standards high. And even the method used to measure AC efficiency has been updated! What does all this mean? Well, the bottom line is that when you get a new air conditioner, you’ll be paying less each month to operate it, but there are still a wide variety of options available. The new energy-efficiency rating system for AC units is called SEER2. Here’s the lowdown on what SEER2 is and how you’ll benefit from having an AC unit with a high SEER2 rating. 

Improved AC Efficiency

There are three major innovations in air conditioning that have had the biggest impact on improving efficiency in recent years.

  • AC coils, which the refrigerant runs through, are being made of new materials that transfer heat more easily. This means that in your home, the refrigerant is able to absorb heat with less use of energy, and outside, that heat is released more efficiently.
  • Motors which power blower fans are being made to run at variable speeds, so rather than just being on or off, they adjust as needed, and only use full power when necessary.
  • And similarly, compressors are also being constructed which automatically adapt to the cooling needs of the home, running in low-power mode most of the time. 


SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, and is calculated by dividing the heat an AC unit can remove from the air (measured in BTUs or British Thermal Units) by the amount of energy the AC unit uses to accomplish this (measured in watt-hours).

So what is SEER2? It’s the same calculation, but what has changed is the testing method. It was found that the way air conditioners were previously tested was not accurately representing real-world conditions, particularly with regard to external static pressure. A new testing system corrects that.

Benefits of High SEER2 Ratings

In our region, newly manufactured and installed air conditioners must have a SEER2 rating of at least 14.3 for smaller systems (under 45,000 BTU) and 13.8 for larger systems, and for cooling, heat pumps must have a SEER2 rating of at least 15. Those systems will be much more efficient than any 10-15 year-old system you’re seeking to replace. But SEER2 ratings go much higher than that! Some systems have a SEER2 rating of 21 or higher.

When you’re ready for air conditioning replacement in Fort Walton Beach, FL, choosing a system with a particularly high SEER2 rating will naturally mean paying less each month when your electric bill is due. With the highest ratings, the reduction in cost will be dramatic, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

And of course, there are environmental benefits to using less energy to cool your home. But another key thing to consider is that these systems are saving energy by not working as hard. This means less wear and tear on the system, less strain on the compressor, lower likelihood of breakdowns, and even longer system lifespan. 

The best way to determine which AC system will give you the greatest satisfaction and comfort while still fitting into your budget is to discuss the details of your home and your needs with a qualified technician.

For professional AC services, look no further than Kool Breeze of Northwest Florida, Inc.  Contact us today!

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