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Tips for Boosting Your AC Efficiency This Summer


It’s not often we meet a homeowner who doesn’t care about saving money. This is particularly true in regards to energy savings or utility bills. In addition to these charges every month, you also have AC upkeep to keep in mind. After all, we need these systems here in Florida, which means staying on top of maintenance, repairs, and eventual replacement when needed.

We have some good news! There are some pretty simple tips you can follow to actually boost your AC efficiency. As a result, you can help the system last longer and you can save money by lowering your bills, since your air conditioner won’t have to run as long or work as hard to do its job.

Do keep in mind, that if you have an aging system (10-15 years old) then it may be time to start considering replacement. Soon, no amount of efficiency tips will keep your system running as it should. In the meantime, though, read on for some of our best AC efficiency-boosting tips.

Turn Off Anything That Produces Heat

You’ve likely noticed that much of the lighting within your home produces at least a little bit of heat. If all your lights are on in a single room or limited space, it can easily add a couple of degrees to the space. With your lighting and whatnot raising the temperature of the room, your air conditioner will have to run longer to compensate, which is very inefficient and will cost you more than you should have to pay.

If you truly do need that much lighting in your home to be on consistently, then you might want to consider the installation of a dimmer switch to keep the heat level as low as you can.

Utilize Ceiling Fans

On its own, a ceiling fan can’t lower the temperature of a room. You may be able to stand directly below a ceiling fan and feel cooler, but this is because it’s helping sweat to evaporate of your body, which naturally helps you feel a bit cooler.

But ceiling fans do help circulate air better. This means if you run your air conditioner along with the ceiling fans, you’ll feel a lot cooler in the rooms where the fans are running. As a result, you can adjust your thermostat so that the air conditioner doesn’t start operating as early in the day, therefore saving energy and subsequent money.

Close the Curtains and Blinds to South-Facing Windows

Summertime means you get to enjoy lots of ambient light coming in through your windows most of the day. Unfortunately though, that ambient light brings heat too, especially when it comes to south-facing windows.

But by closing your blinds or your curtains to those windows, you can help shield your home from the warm rays of the sun, therefore helping your AC system work more efficiently since it won’t have to run as long to try to reach your desired thermostat setting.

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